Zbarazh castle

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Hundreds of tourists to the small town of Zbarazh, welcomes its Zbarazh castle.
It is located on the Castle Hill neighborhood and a cozy park.
In 1994, due to the resulting status of historical and architectural reserve of the castle drew attention at the state level.
The joint forces of the state and sponsors of the castle was restored, and then beat a museum of the National reserve “Castles of Ternopil”.
On the territory of the strongholds often hold festivals, jousting tournaments, tours.

He had seen and survived the building wall: siege, brutal battles, destruction, heroic and tragic events.
Here to make important decisions, we signed a contract that decided the fate of many nations.
In 1649, during a regular siege of the castle became a witness of an important historical event.
Here Bogdan Khmelnitsky of the betrayal of the Tatars, forced to sign a beat “Zborowski contract”, which played a very important role and is not profitable in the history of the Cossack troops.
Later “Zborowski contract” Cossack army has decreased significantly from 60 to 40 thousand, and in the stock Hetman State remained Chernihiv, Kyiv and Bratslav province.
Podolia, Volhynia and Polesie came under Polish control.

Zbarazh castle history Zbarazh castle history

As with any lock, Zbarazh castle also has its mysteries, legends, underground passages.
In the 80s, with underground passages there was an interesting story, which like to tell the locals curious tourists.
One day, two students decided to make diversity in their daily lives, adventurous wanted to study the cave. As a result, the boys searched the whole city for two days.
When children are able to get out, the students make sure seen the burial of monks that they are very scared, and then they got into a large underground room.
We remembered about the riders who chased after them, but the frightened students nobody believed.
And only a few years later it was found out, really Zbarazh is situated on the underground passages that connect with the lock.
The size is impressive moves, some reach 28 m depth.
dungeon-scale studies have been conducted, it is very dangerous.
Locals say that at one time the tunnel was carried horses and provisions were delivered on time sieges. To believe such stories or not, everyone decides for himself.
I believe that in every legend or story has some truth.

Address: Town Zbarazh, street. B. Khmelnitsky 28, Ternopil region.

GPS coordinates: 49°39’49”N, 25°47’6”E

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