Waterfall with. Malievtsy

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From the daily routine you need to rest every person, especially in the summer.
And it is not necessary to go to a foreign country, in search of the amazing parts of the world.
In Ukraine, there are lots of unusual places, where you can perfectly relax with their families.
It is no secret that fatigue, stress, it is best to remove the water, especially running.
Better place than the waterfall for these purposes is not found.
Falls in Ukraine very much, and each in its own unique with its mystical history, legend.
For frequent, the most beautiful places little known.
Waterfall at p. Malievtsy vivid example.
It is very nice and cozy, the perfect place for a family holiday.

A man-made waterfall, he descends from the 18 meter cliff, and then in a wooden trough falls in the box lake.
Watch the falling water can be out of the cave, which is located under a waterfall.
At one time it served as a home to a hermit monk, and if you climb the hill above, you can see another cave-Monastir and dzherelo from which feeds the waterfall itself.
Waterfall is not the only attraction in Malievtsah, you can visit the estate of Count Orlovsky or take a stroll in the park.

The park was laid in the XVIII century, the total Ploscha occupied 17 hectares of land.
It landed in the form of a maple leaf, and the path is a kind of leaf veins, which are connected to each other.
Park decorated with many sculptures and fountains, but unfortunately most do not survive.
Now there are growing 100-year-old rare trees, more than 20 species.
Walking in the park, the sea will leave good memories for the whole family!

Be sure to visit the estate of Count Orlovsky.
The building’s architecture is interesting, worthy of attention.
Palace, designed by one of the famous at the time the architect Domenic Marlin.
There is a building on a hill, has on the one hand has 3 floors, and on the other 2 floors.

Particular emphasis is made on the architect of a spectacular design Palazzo.
At the main entrance, you can see how stone Atlanta hold the second floor balcony.
In the process of building design, D.Marlini take into account natural disasters.
In Palazzo columns which operate simultaneously decorative role and are part of the support system, mounted layers of wood and lead.
In the event of an earthquake, they fulfill the role of an amortization pads.
In the halls of the manor, priceless collection of books and paintings by famous artists.
A small part of the collection, taken secretly in Marseille, some of them can be seen in the museums of Marseilles today.
All owners failed to bring in the revolution, zgorelo in the fire.
Currently Palace exploited as a children’s sanatorium.

Address: s.Malievtsy, Dunaevetsky district, Khmelnitsky region.

GPS coordinates: 48.995176°N 26.985540°E

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