Valley of the Daffodils. Khust

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Among the high Carpathian mountains, near the cozy town of Khust, a small paradise hid “Valley of the Daffodils.”
Every year, with the arrival of spring, hundreds of tourists from all over Ukraine do not miss the opportunity Enjoy the blossom of snow-white flowers.
The indescribable beauty of the valley fascinates, this is the place where you want to return again and again.

The valley of the daffodils is located in the unique Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, where the
More than 400 varieties of plants, many species are listed in the Red Book.
The total area of the reserve is 257 hectares, of which only 164 hectares is a meadow, on 32 hectares
There is a swamp, the rest of the reserve is covered by marshy meadows.
Varieties of flora and fauna will leave an unforgettable impression for a long time.

Interesting facts about daffodils:

1. There are more than 70 kinds of daffodils in the world.
2. The aroma of narcissus causes a slight dizziness in a person, the reason for this is very simple.
An elegant flower belongs to a group of poisonous plants because it contains a harmful substance, licorin and narcissine, it negatively affects the human body as a drug.
3. Narcissus can not be put in a vase with other flowers, because of the presence in the narcissus of poisonous juice Other flowers just fade.
4. Some kinds of daffodils are used in medicine for the production of vital medicines.
5. The bulb of narcissus can cause an allergic reaction in a person, which is accompanied by severe itching and reddening of the skin.
6. The fragrance of the flower acts as a sedative, relieves fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Adress: ur Kireshi, Khust district, Transcarpathian region.

GPS coordinates: 48 ° 10’42”N, 23 ° 20’59”E

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