Ukrainian village of twins. Great Kopanya

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Great Kopanya is a unique and unique village in the Ukraine.
The peculiarity of this region lurks in its phenomenal phenomenon.
The fact is that for several generations twins and twins have been massively born here, this concerns all living things, both humans and animals, even vegetation.

Today, according to statistics, twins or twins are born in almost every family.
This unique phenomenon has been observed here since the 40s and continues to please local lucky ones, to this day.
Today the total population in Great Kopan is over 3500 people.
Of these, twins and twins are more than 60 pairs, moreover this figure continues to grow annually.
Thanks to this feature, in 2008 the village occupied an honorable place in the Book of Records of Ukraine, since then the Great Kopan is known as the “Ukrainian village of twins” or “the capital of twins”.

Local residents have their own explanation for what is happening, they argue that the birth of twins and twins is connected with the miracle of the source “Chorgiv”.
A small source would seem to be – as geologists have explained, an underground lake that originates from the Kopan Range, it also provides the whole area with drinking water.
Find it very simple: you need to move towards the city of Vinogradov and on a small mountain slope you will see the source in front of you.

Scientists have repeatedly investigated the Kopan water, as a result, analyzes have shown that in water the usual norm of zinc and selenium is significantly exceeded.
It is these two components that affect the reproductive function of all living things, they are responsible for cell division. Thus, as practice has clearly shown, this process also contributes to the birth of twins.

Water from the source miracle is used in every home and household of the Great Kopan.
Moreover, rumors about the amazing properties of water have spread throughout Ukraine and beyond.
Now, everyone who wants to give birth to a child is eager to visit the local region, even if they are skeptical about this story.
As for water, it is very tasty, clean, has no sediment and can be stored for weeks in a dish – it does not deteriorate.

In addition to the source of Chorgiv, near the village of Velikaya Kopanya, you can visit the ancient settlement “The Castle of Dacians”, which is the only landmark of ancient Dacia in Ukraine.
Archaeological excavations are carried out here every year, where remains of structures, vessels, weapons, coins, ornaments were found.

The village of Velikaya Kopanya is located in the Vinogradovsky district of the Transcarpathian region, just 12 km from the district center.
GPS coordinates: 48 ° 11’29 “s. w. 23 ° 07’40 “in. e.

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