Ukrainian Venice – Vilkovo

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The magnificent nature in Ukraine, which has a diverse appearance, does not cease to amaze even experienced tourists. We can rightfully be proud of our country and our heritage.
Therefore, in order to perfectly relax with friends and family, it is absolutely not necessary to leave the borders of our country.
After all, we have absolutely everything for an active or peaceful holiday: Ukrainian Carpathians, the sea, rocks, canyons, caves, desert, lakes, parks, waterfalls, reserves and this is not the whole list of attractions of Ukraine.

You dream to visit Venice, but there is no financial opportunity, then you definitely should not be upset. Indeed, on the territory of our country has its own Ukrainian Venice, they know it as Vilkovo.
Here you can have a great leisure time and enjoy the excellent panorama of the local region.
The peculiarity of the location of the city, which spreads over 70 islands in the Danube River and, naturally, the corrections of nature itself, created a magnificent tourist place in the duo.
An unusual, but at the same time truly unique city on the water, is very popular, especially in the summer season.
Perhaps it is worth noting that from Vilkova opens the main exit to the expanses of the Ukrainian Danube Delta. The local residents, as one, are actively engaged in fishing for more than one generation.
They carefully pass on their experience and skill from generation to generation.
Therefore, it is not at all surprising and well-deserved that I consider the city of Vilkovo to be the capital of the Danube fishermen.

Geographical feature of the city of Vilkovo

A very small town is located in the Ukrainian part of the famous Danube Delta.
It is worth noting that Vilkovo is the last settlement before the Danube flows into the Black Sea. The administrative center of the Ukrainian Danube Biosphere Reserve, which is included in the UNESCO list, is also justified here.
The total territory of the protected area, also known as the Danube Plavni, reaches 50,252.9 ha, which continues in Romania.

A distinctive feature of Vilkovo is its bridges, masonry, a network of narrow canals and channels through which homemade boats and modern catamarans run as public transport. A unique city on the water, which like a magnet attracts tourists to untouched and pristine nature, encircles 46 km of water channels.

Tourist Vilkovo

Naturally, the main tourist leisure is the opportunity to enjoy a boat trip along the numerous canals of Vilkovo and of course the Danube.
When planning your vacation, I highly recommend using a guide or local boatman.
Moreover, for guests there is already provided for a tourist water route along the Danube on a very comfortable boat. As a rule, the price of such an excursion initially includes lunch and a stop at the well-known “zero kilometer” – this is the place where the Danube flows into the Black Sea.
In time, such a walk will take about three hours.

You can also visit the channel of lilies, these flowers are listed in the Red Book, enjoy the beauty of the rising sun on the Danube, go fishing or relax on the beach near the village of Primorskoe.
It is located just 18 km from the town of Vilkovo.
An unforgettable and vivid impression will be left by the visited nesting places of very interesting birds – kingfishers.

How to get to the city of Vilkovo?

It’s not difficult to get to Vilkovo. You can use your own car, train or bus (there are even direct flights).
A more detailed route depends on your starting point. If we are talking about a personal car, then in this situation, everything is much simpler and more convenient. It is enough to set the start and finish points in the GPS navigator, the system will lay the route itself.

Video review of the city of Vilkovo

Address: Vilkovo, Kiliysky district, Odessa region.

GPS coordinates: 45°23′57″ с. ш. 29°35′37″ в. д.

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