Tokovsky cascade waterfall

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There is a stereotype in Ukrainian society that if we are talking about a waterfall, then this is necessarily Western Ukraine. Accordingly, when in family travel plans, most are aimed at the Carpathians or Transcarpathia. Undoubtedly, the splendor of the tourist regions here is unrivaled. But do not forget that natural tourist locations are concentrated in various parts of our country, the Dnipropetrovsk region is no exception. Therefore, if you have long dreamed of spending your vacation in nature, enjoying the sound of a waterfall and serenity, then keep your course to the most beautiful place in the Dnipropetrovsk region – Tokovskie waterfalls.

This amazing place, which spreads its possessions in the middle of a typical desert area, looks like an oasis where you can take refuge on a hot summer day and have a wonderful weekend getaway. In addition, while the miracle of nature, still little known to the general public, is located only 150 kilometers from the city of Dnipro, so everyone can afford to enjoy the beauty of the local district, the main thing is to have a little free time.

Tokovsky waterfall aka Krasnye Kamni is a hydrological monument of Nikopol region. Perhaps it is appropriate to note that, in fact, there are several waterfalls here, they also create a single chain of cascading waterfalls. The height of the reservoir is only 6 meters, while the total length reaches almost 30 meters.

The modest parameters of the waterfall do not darken its picturesqueness at all. And although the existence of a natural attraction of the Dnepropetrovsk region is known exclusively to the residents of the nearest district, the tourist location has every chance to replenish the list of “Popular tourist places in Ukraine”. Indeed, far from everywhere in the whole world you can see such beauty that it coils among red stones.

Feature of the Tokovsky waterfall

The cascading waterfall was formed on the Kamenka River, back in the Mesozoic era. And for more than one century it has been wriggling with a roar over the ledges of red granite. The rock itself surrounds both banks of the river, giving the local area uniqueness. In its lower part, along the course, water streams have created natural “baths” in granite, where you can pamper yourself with hydromassage and take a dip.

What to do at Tokovsky waterfall

If you are interested in green tourism, camping or just hiking, then Tokovsky Falls is the right place. Here you can enjoy clean air and water, silence, nature and fishing. From entertainment – hydromassage, swimming, the ability to cook barbecue and aromatic tea from local medicinal herbs.

Nearby attractions

If you wish, you can continue your travels and discover new tourist places in Ukraine, which are located not far from the Tokovsky cascade waterfall. For example, the Kakhovskoe reservoir deserves your attention, where the Chertomlyk Sich once functioned.Then you can go to Kapulovka and see the burial mound of the ataman Ivan Sirko.
On the way, be sure to check out the Tokovsky granite quarry.

How to get to the waterfall

Today, it is possible to visit the Tokovsky cascade waterfall only on your own, since not all travel agencies have developed tours in this direction. But I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Therefore, to enjoy the beauty of the fertile place, you can get here by your car, bus or train.

  1. If you consider the option with a train, then your starting point may start from the city of Krivoy Rog or Nikopol. In this case, you need to get off at the Tik station, and then walk almost 3 kilometers to the waterfall.
  2. The option with a personal car is much more convenient. Suppose that your route starts from the Dnieper, then you need to keep the course: Dnipro – Nikopol – Grushevka. Upon arrival in the village. Grushevka is better to ask the local residents for further direction, so as not to fornicate. But if you prefer to find the waterfall on your own, then from the center of the village in front of the stele of dead fellow countrymen you need to turn right, then 15 km to the railway crossing and again to the right. We continue along the steppe road to the river. After some time you will see the stone sign “Tokovsky waterfall”.

Author ⁞ Greborich N.I. ⁞ 29.10.2020

Address: s. Sholokhovo, Nikopolsky district, Dnipropetrovsk region.

GPS coordinates: 47°41’6”N, 33°56’30”E. 

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