Three wells, Subbotov

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Time is not subject to man, it is rapidly falling into the past, taking our present. Naturally, leaving, leaves memories and traditions. Whether the fruits of life and heritage will be forgotten, it depends only on ourselves. Apparently therefore, every person seeks to leave a piece of his story during his lifetime. Everyone has their own approach, someone gives out books, and someone erects temples and palaces.

Our history remembers many great Ukrainians who left an endangered imprint in the memory of the people. Bogdan Khmelnitsky is a vivid example of this. His whole life is secrets, significant historical events, victories and defeats. Much reminds of the great hetman of Ukraine and the era of the Cossacks. But, nevertheless, a mystical place deserves special attention, that covered with legends and incredible stories is the village of Subotov in the Cherkasy region. It is here, in the once hetman region, that there are three wooden wells with healing water. According to legend, the source of life healed the seriously wounded Cossack, gave strength and strengthened self-confidence.

Three wooden wells today

Today, three wooden wells are a popular attraction of the Cherkasy region from the time of the Cossacks, which belongs to the Chigirin National Historical and Cultural Reserve. The reserve itself was founded in the early 1970s. Since then, hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers and pilgrims visit the tourist location.

Touch a more than three hundred-year-old piece of history, wanting more than enough. Tourists from all over the country and abroad come here. It is important to note that the healing properties of the unusual taste of water have been scientifically confirmed. It really speeds up wound healing, thanks to the natural chemical composition of water. Therefore, when planning your trip to Ukraine, look into this historical place, you will not regret it.

Three wooden wells, history and legends

There is no reliable data on how the sources appeared. But among the people there are numerous legends that have been passed down from generation to generation, for more than one century.
According to one legend, during the War of Independence, under the leadership of Hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky, three Cossacks dug up the local wells that were seriously wounded in battles, and thanks to the healer and miraculous water, their vitality returned.

Of all the known legends of the three wells, there is one more, which, for me, is more believable. Most likely, the Cossacks here watered their horses. But, one well was not enough, so Bogdan Khmelnitsky ordered to dig a second, and then a third well.

In the Soviet period, wells symbolized the so-called friendship of peoples between Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Therefore, there was an installed memorial plaque.

Three wells in Subotovo, a belief

  1. According to the current belief, if an unmarried girl drinks water from three wells, then in three days she will meet the bridegroom.
  2. Cossacks believed that the water in the wells was sacred. Therefore, it was considered a good sign before the trip to consecrate their sabers with water from wells..
Address: st. Zarechnaya, s. Subotov, Chigirinsky district, Cherkasy region.

GPS coordinates: 49.086566 | 32.542335.

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