The reserve “Motherland of Taras Shevchenko”

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In Ukraine, there are many amazing, but reserve “Motherland of Taras Shevchenko ‘unique place.
Here, as if time stood still, hut hut under a thatched roof, modest life, beautiful nature.

State Historical and Cultural Reserve hit founded in 1992. The complex consists of three villages: Budyscha, Shevchenkovo and Morintsy, this is where spent his childhood and adolescence Taras.
Through the joint efforts of local lore and the skillful hands of masters, most of the exhibits in the
Reserve restored by sketches of the Kobzar. Restorers were able to restore her parents’ house Shevchenko, who is now happy to meet guests at the threshold.

Today you can see more than 7,800 museum exhibits, which include personal belongings
Kobzar, and his family, sculpture, glassware, paintings, drafts and first editions of Taras, well, as well as the grave of poet’s mother.

Address: c. Shevchenkovo Str. Petrovsky, 33, Cherkassy region
GPS coordinates: 49°11’45”N 31°5’39”E


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