The best resorts of Transcarpathia for summer holidays

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To improve your health during the summer holidays, it is not necessary to visit the sea.
Today there is a worthy alternative, especially when there is a need to save the family budget and the desire to enjoy the magnificent nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians!
After all, it has long been no secret that Transcarpathia is known not only for its unique vineyards and nature. There are also thermal springs, which perfectly help to improve the depleted body and overcome many diseases.
Therefore, I suggest this summer to pay attention to the most popular resorts in Western Ukraine.

The first place from the list of “The best resorts of Transcarpathia” is a cozy and very hospitable town of Beregovo, which is located near the border with Hungary.
The region is famous for its natural springs and pools, which are filled with thermal waters.
Perhaps it is important to notice that you can relax in Beregovo and improve your body at any time of the year. The unique composition of water in natural sources has the ability to boast far from all countries of the world, there are only 4 of them and Beregovo is included in this list.
To be more precise, this is: everyone knows Iceland, New Zealand, the magnificent Kuril Islands and of course our Coastal.

Thermal waters in Berehove

The next health and recreation health resort in Transcarpathia, which definitely should be noted, is located in the village of Kosino.
This place is well known as “Thermal waters of Kosino”.
The local sources in their natural composition are second only to the thermal spas of Hungary.

The peculiarity of natural sources in Kosino is the average mineralization of sodium chloride composition of water. Water reaches a temperature range of 60-80 ° C, and this is ideal
environment for the productive treatment of many diseases.
For example, the thermal source has a positive effect on the body in case of skin or cardiovascular diseases, helps to recover from injuries of the musculoskeletal system, contributes to a painless and natural withdrawal of salt from the kidneys, stabilizes the nervous system.

Thermal waters of Kosino

Not less interesting place that deserves attention not only for its architecture but also for the presence of sulphide thermal springs – the city of Mukachevo.
Here you will have the opportunity to visit the health complex “Latoritsa” and enjoy a swim in the outdoor pools with unique thermal water.

Wellness complex “Latoritsa” in Mukachevo

If you have a desire to relieve stress, chronic fatigue and tension, then you definitely should visit the village of Velyatino. This is where the dispensary, which is known as “Warm Waters”. Due to the high content of bromine and iodine, water acts on a person because of its sedative effect. The temperature of the water reaches 40-60 ° C, but before the bathing procedure, the water is cooled to a more comfortable temperature of 30-38 ° C.

Dispensary “Warm Waters”, with Velatino Khust district

If your tourist route will pass through the village of Long Irshava district, then you should visit the resort “Borzhava”. This place is known as the largest field of thermal waters, which have a positive effect on the human body in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Sanatorium “Borzhava”

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