Tauric Chersonesos. Crimea

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Tauric Chersonese is an ancient Greek city, which is located on the Heraklean peninsula of the sunny Crimea. It originates from the distant 424/421 years BC. e ..
At one time he was a very developed democratic polis, actively engaged in foreign policy, minted his coin, took part in international competitions.
The population successfully led agricultural activities, cultivated the best varieties of grapes and grains, and engaged in fishing.
Throughout the peninsula, the Greeks erected majestic defensive structures, temples, theaters, sculpture and area exploration.
But unfortunately life in this land was far from peaceful.
The local population throughout its existence battled for the right to live on its land. Frequent wars negatively affected Chersonesos.
As a result, when that magnificent city remained a ruin and a rich history.

Walking around the ancient ruins, you can clearly see the characteristic features of the whole city with towers, narrow streets, temples, arches, columns, houses, squares – unfortunately, all this is in ruins, but the grandeur of the surviving buildings gives an opportunity to imagine what it was like in its time edge.
Today, the dead city reminds us of the distant past, once a prosperous policy.
It is truly a unique historical World Heritage site, a pearl
Crimea and a very popular landmark of Ukraine, which is worth a visit to everyone.

Up to now, one third of the once majestic city has been preserved.
Its total area occupied almost 30 hectares, a considerable part was absorbed by water, the other was built up.

Despite the hard times, the best preserved walls of defensive structures.
At one time they had 3.5 km of broaching, 10 meters of height and 4 meters of width.

Tauric Chersonesos in our days
Today Chersonese is a popular tourist attraction of Sevastopol and Crimea, has the status of 7 wonders of Ukraine, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Before the illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russians, this unique historical place was visited by thousands of tourists from Ukraine and abroad.
But today Chersonese is in a very deplorable state, the funds for preserving the ancient ruins are not allocated by the Russian authorities. It remains only to hope that until the return of the entire territory of the Crimea to Ukraine this unique attraction will not disappear.

Tips for tourists before visiting Chersonesos
1) Before visiting Chersonese, I advise you to be very careful.
Carefully study the legal nuances and consequences of the visit of the peninsula.
If you openly condemn Russia in terms of the illegal annexation of the Crimea, I strongly recommend that you postpone your visit to the region.
The aggressor reacts inadequately to such people, for you this visit can be very dangerous.

2) If you are fond of history, I advise you to hire a guide, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about Chersonesos and about each of its buildings.

3) If possible, visit the museum of Chersonesos in Sevastopol.
It contains valuable exhibits that will help to better understand what was the life of the Chersonesites, their culture and way of life.

4) In the vicinity of Chersonese there is a wonderful beach where you can do a great free time.

5) Do not miss the opportunity to beat in the St. Vladimir Monastery.
You do not have to worry about your clothes, necessary attire for visiting holy places: you will be given out at the entrance to the shrine.

Address: Sevastopol, st. Ancient, 1.

GPS coordinates: 44°36’36.36”N, 33°29’34.44”E

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