Ski resort in Kharkov “Alpine Valley”

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There is a stereotype that if a ski resort, then it is necessarily Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi or Transcarpathian regions. Naturally, winter holidays in the local area have no competition in Ukraine. But you can spend your leisure time superbly and experience all the delights of skiing near Kharkov. Especially if a budget vacation with families is important for you.
After all, not everyone can afford even the little-known ski resorts of Ukraine in the western regions of our country. Therefore, “Alpine Valley”, which spreads its snow-covered lands just 15 kilometers from Kharkov, will be a good solution for skiing.

“Alpine Valley” winter rest

Today “Alpine Valley” is a popular ski center in the Kharkov region, where you can spend an unforgettable and active weekend getaway. For several years now, the ski center has been open for everyone who wants to try their hand at skiing, especially for beginners.
The complex welcomes guests from all over Ukraine, providing comfortable conditions for living and recreation.

The resort has its own system of artificial snowmaking, so there is always enough snow here even in a snowless winter. The skiing season starts in December and lasts until April. Accordingly, if you are very busy and you simply do not have time for a long vacation in the Carpathians, but you want to ski so much and you don’t know Where to rest in Ukraine in winter? Then the ski slopes in the Alpine Valley, that’s it!

The ski center has two drag lifts and two tracks 350 and 400 meters long. At night, they are very well lit, which makes it possible to ride at any time.

As in any ski resort, there are: a cafe, a first-aid post, free parking, a ski school, a rental center where you can rent skis, equipment, sledges or snowboards.

“Alpine Valley” summer vacation

If you prefer family travel in the summer and you are primarily interested in places for outdoor recreation in the vicinity of Kharkov, then “Alpine Valley” is at your service. Here you can perfectly spend your leisure time not only in winter, but also in summer.

The main attraction of these places is the lake, where you can go fishing, swim, sunbathe, cook barbecue and simply organize outdoor recreation outside the city.
Cozy gazebos are provided here for a comfortable pastime.

Camping can be complemented by horseback riding or sitting at a local cafe.

Author ⁞ Grebovich N.I ⁞ 25.12.2020

Address: s. Borovaya, Zmievsky district, Kharkiv region.
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