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On the territory of the Sumy region in the cozy town of Trostyanets, everyone can visit а unique building “Round Yard”.
The fortress for all history was exploited as a stable, warehouse and theater.
The internal layout of the courtyard, has a similarity with the ancient Roman amphitheater, where in the distant
The past was organized for the nobility, in the open air.
The oval-shaped building (65×85) has 4 three-level towers, and one-story premises are located around the perimeter.
Round the courtyard, this is not the only landmark of the city of Trostyanets.
You will have the opportunity to have a great time visiting the beautiful Galitsyn Palace, stroll along the cozy park, visit the Annunciation Church, meet the sunrise or sunset on the lake shore.
At night, the “Round Courtyard” illuminates the night illumination, the spectacle is magnificent.

Interesting facts about the Round Court:

1. In 2007, the “Round Yard” took part in the contest “Seven Wonders of Ukraine”, following which the structure was included in the top three wonders of Sumy region.

2. The round courtyard is an integral part of the system of underground passages, it has access to the Pan-Russian house and the Annunciation Church.


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Adress: Trostyanets, Mira Ave., 16, Sumy region.

GPS coordinates: 50°28’26.41”N, 34°57’28.34”E

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