Radon Lake, Migiya

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On the territory of Ukraine there are a lot of amazing places where you can spend your free time in a circle of friends and relatives. For lovers of extreme recreation, green and water tourism, rafting fans, Radon Lake near the village of Migiya is an ideal option.
In addition, it is not difficult to reach the place of destination, it is located 10 km from the city of Pervomaisk.
Migeia is a small but cozy village, from which the national park – Bužsky Gard – starts. Its total area is 6,138.13 hectares.
It should be noted that this landmark of the Mykolayiv region is included in the list of 7 natural wonders of Ukraine.

Radon lake near the village of Migiya

Radon Lake is comfortably located near the village of Migia, has a man-made origin.
At one time, in the place of the lake, worked a quarry where they finished off granite. Over time, all the works were stopped. As a result, nature has made its own corrections, filling the formation of emptiness with underground sources. Thus, the Radon Lake, 40 meters deep, appeared with a crystal clear and gentle-blue hue of water.
The lake has a magnificent observation deck, where you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of the neighborhood. For comfortable pastime of tourists, cozy arbors, shops, information stands, as well as parking were installed here. Everyone can lay out a tent, swim in the lake, ride horses, stroll around and enjoy the amazing nature or climbing. In general, you will not have to be bored.

Over the lake itself, the trolley was pulled, which, as it turned out, is the fastest and highest in the territory of Ukraine. Its length reaches almost 454 meters.
Overcome this distance in less than 30 seconds, at a speed of 60 km per hour.

A pleasant surprise awaits lovers of Selfie on Radon Lake.
There are a lot of picturesque places, ideal for photo and video shooting.
But, a very popular art object in the form of a wrought heart, which is located on the observation deck.
Wishing to make some bright frames for memory, more than enough.

Geology of the park Buzhsky Gard

According to the nature’s plan, the park was sheltered on the southern part of the gloriously famous Ukrainian crystal shield. In the process of washing the crystalline massif with the waters of the Southern Bug, thresholds were formed. Today, quaint granite forms and rocky coasts are pleasantly surprised by the inimitable beauty of inquisitive tourists.

The park occupies almost the entire river valley of the Southern Bug, creating a unique landscape. Noisy rivers drive through a picturesque valley, where granite rocks are chaotically rising, creating a canyon. Here you can see the real giants, reaching a height of more than 50 meters. Closer to the village of Migia, granite formations created rapids, where yearly fans of extreme sports rest. After all, the best places to experience their training and physical capabilities, rafters, kayakers can not find.

At one time, about 5 million years ago, the formed rocks created an insurmountable barrier to the ancient glacier, which in the process of melting rapidly moved to the Black Sea.
This allowed the nature itself to draw a clear boundary line preventing the penetration of the water flow onto the land. It should be noted that for 60 million years this land was not partially or completely flooded. In the course of the movement, the Southern Bug River paved its way through the crystalline breed of the Ukrainian Shield, thereby creating amazing landscapes that we can enjoy today.

Address: with. Migiya, Pervomaisky rn, Mykolaiv region, Granite quarry.

GPS coordinates: 48°1’20.75”N, 30°58’7.13”E

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