Poltava pyramid. Commandant

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Sometimes it seems to us that we know everything about the world around us.
But, what if he is completely different not the way one wants or is customary to believe.
Surrounded by natural and mystical phenomena, inexplicable by science, it is quite natural that almost every one of us asks the question, in which world do we actually live?
Especially when it comes to pyramids, where unidentified flying objects, anomalies or light radiation have been repeatedly recorded.

Egypt, UFO group over the pyramids of Giza 2016

Pyramids are the most mysterious buildings in the world.
Until now, no one can explain why they were erected.
They delight us and raise endless questions.
For a long time it was believed that the pyramids exist only in Egypt and South America, but recent discoveries have proven this is far from the case.
They can be seen in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, America, India, Britain and Antarctica.
Traces of ancient pyramids are also found on the territory of Ukraine, in the Lugansk region and Crimea.
Many scientists believe that the pyramids have their own energy channel and have unique features that are completely immune to humans.
They can influence time and space, physical and spiritual health, they can awaken a person’s unique abilities, change the physical properties of objects, transmit information over a great distance.

In Ukraine there are a lot of tourist attractions that cause delight, surprise and interest.
Ancient Poltava pyramids that are shrouded in legends and incredible stories can be safely attributed to such places.
Naturally, their dimensions are much more modest, but in their anomalies and mystical events I am not inferior to the Egyptian ones.

For example, in the village of Komendantovka you can visit the pyramid, which was built by order of the leader of the local nobility Alexander Dmitrievich Bilevich.
The fleet officer was so impressed by the pyramids of Giza in Egypt that upon returning home he was eager to build his own pyramid-tomb.
Having a material opportunity, he still managed to realize his dream.
Construction lasted a long 13 years, according to ancient technology, which included the addition of cattle to the solution of egg whites and blood for high stability of a 15-meter structure.

Today there is an active church, where weddings are often held.
After all, there is a belief that if you get married in a pyramid, the family will be strong and happy.
Locals sincerely assure that the pyramid has miraculous and mystical properties. Therefore, she who protects and blesses those who need protection, who punishes daring to mock. A vivid example of this is the history of the Soviet era, which locals retell to tourists to this day.
In short, the essence is this: four men somehow decided to make out the pyramid, but in the end three died and one went crazy.

Why did the tomb pyramid become a church?

Initially, the pyramid was conceived as a tomb, but in 1900 the wooden church in Komendantovka burned to the ground. Then Bilevich gave his consent to the placement of a rural temple in his pyramid. In the end, a stone extension was completed for the construction. Since then, the church bearing the name of Hagia Sophia, that is what Bilevich’s wife was called.

Pyramid in the village of Komendantovka, today

Note for tourists

Perhaps it is worth noting that the pyramid in the village of Komendantovka is far from the only structure of this kind. There are several of them in the Poltava region.
For example, the second pyramid can be seen in the village of Birch Rudka.
It was built by order of Ignatius Zakrevsky in 1898, as a family tomb.
As it became known from archival data, granite for the pyramid was delivered from Africa, a statue of Isis was installed at the entrance to the building itself, ancient Egyptian frescoes and many quotes from the Bible, which could be read on the inner walls, are also mentioned.
Here the remains of the Zakrevskys rested for a long time, until in 1917 the Bolsheviks put their hands to a unique place. Subsequently, the frescoes, the altar, the statue and the crosses were destroyed, and the remains of the Zakrevsky family were cynically and without regret thrown into the most ordinary ditch.
But, the locals still managed to secretly bury them.

The very attraction of the Poltava region is located relatively close to Kiev, only 150 kilometers away. Therefore, if your tourist route will pass near the village of Berezovaya Rudka, you can drop by. Moreover, the traffic intersection is very convenient, especially if you are by car.

Pyramid-tomb of Zakrevsky, village Berezovaya Rudka

Modern view of the pyramids

Nowadays, the popularity of the pyramids is only growing.
People build houses observing the accuracy of the shapes of the pyramids of Egypt, which, according to their owners, have a beneficial effect on physical and spiritual health, as well as nature.

Pyramid gardens are no less popular, where productivity is several times higher than the established standards from ordinary ones. It is difficult to say whether it is coincidence or not, but the fact itself remains to the end unexplored.

In our time, pyramid therapy is actively developing, which is in demand among pregnant women. The bravest often show a desire to have a baby indoors, which is a mini copy of the Cheops pyramid. Women argue that the natural process of giving birth to a baby is almost painless.

The mystery and sacredness of the pyramid accompanies us throughout life. Most often, we don’t even notice this, but the symbolism of the pyramids surrounds us everywhere and everywhere: on banknotes, ancient buildings, palaces and temples.

Address: s. Commandant, Kobelyak district, Poltava region

GPS coordinates: 49°3’46.75”N, 33°51’48.87”E

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