National Natural Park “Svetoslav White Coast”

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The National Natural Park is located on the Kinburn Spit, the expanses of the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the waters of the Yagorlytsky Gulf. The total area of ​​the conservation zone is 35,223.15 ha.

Park Beloberezhye Svyatoslav – this is a very popular tourist attraction, adding to the list of “natural attractions of the Nikolaev region”, which has no equal not only in Ukraine, but also outside it.
The complex combines several steppe sanctuaries and tracts as a whole, which make up the Svyatoslav Belorezhie National Nature Park. His possessions include: the Komendantsky tract, the Bienkov Plavny forest park, the Salt Lake, the Kuchugur Sagaidachny tract, of breathtaking beauty Orchid Field, the Kinburn Arrow, and naturally Pokrovskaya Spit.

Formally, the status of “national nature park”, a tourist place received relatively recently, December 16, 2009. Signed by a decree of ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko became the so-called outpost to preserve flora and fauna, protect complexes with historical and cultural significance.

Park “White Coast Svyatoslav”, nature

The open spaces of the park amaze with the abundance of fresh and salt lakes that have medicinal properties for the human body. It should be noted that part of the lakes in the conservation area are a natural place of origin of healing mud and salts, which help to cure many diseases.
Therefore, your planned trip to Ukraine, and in particular to the popular resorts of the Mykolayiv region, can turn into free wellness SPA – open-air procedures.

For that category of tourists who are well oriented in the plant world, it will be interesting to walk around the protected area. Indeed, in the park zone grows over 80 species of rare plants listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, the Berne and Cites conventions, as well as in the Red Lists of the World, European and Nikolaev Regions.
Given the natural features and the high tourist potential of these places, it is not at all surprising that domestic tourism in Ukraine did not pass by the Svyatoslav White Coast National Nature Park. Moreover, it is the main offer in travel companies for supporters of green tourism and family travel.

Address: Ochakov and Berezansky districts, Nikolaev region.

GPS coordinates: 46°32′ с. ш. 31°34′ в. д

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