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In the largest ski resort in Ukraine “Bukovel” all year round, taking visitors
with all parts of our country and abroad.
Here an amazing and peaceful atmosphere to relax, not to find a better place.
The clean mountain air, high burn and hospitable people to leave good impressions.

17/09/2016 here organize sports competitions, races with obstacles.
In the race can participate, anyone, the perfect chance to test their strength.
The event is passed on special routes in the creation of which took an active part
experienced and professional athletes.

Races are divided into three levels of difficulty, each wishing to take part in the competition is the opportunity to choose a feasible level of race.
“Race Force” 5 km. + – 15 obstacles.
“Freedom Race” 13 km. + – 20 obstacles.
“Race of the Spirit” 21 km. + – 25 obstacles.
Before the start of the race, there are special training, you can get acquainted with all the obstacles that gives advice on nutrition and fitness.
Register for the race, you can find details of the competition here

Good luck and good impressions!

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