Museum of National Architecture and Life

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Unfortunately, most people do not like to visit the museum, considering this time is very boring and uninteresting. The main audience of the museum is schoolchildren and students who are forced to attend a cultural institution according to the curriculum.
As for me, this stereotype in society is wrong.
Even in museums, you can spend a wonderful time to learn a lot of interesting things about culture, bits and traditions of the people.

The Museum of National Architecture and Life is a unique tourist place which is worth seeing with your own eyes. It is located on the outskirts of our capital.
At the time, in place of today’s museum complex was the real village of Pirogovo.
But in the 30s during the Holodomor in the village, all the inhabitants died out. Over time, in its vast territory, under the open sky, skilful masters created all the ethnographic regions of our magnificent country. Each exposition is unique in its kind, brightly reflects the everyday life of the Ukrainian people in the literal sense in the period of the XVII-XX centuries. Visitors to the museum will be able to walk through all corners of Ukraine having spent only one day of sightseeing.

Plan Museum of National Architecture and Life, Pirogovo

The first stages of the foundation of the museum began in 1969, the author of this grandiose idea was Pyotr Timofeevich Tron’ko. Seven years after the uneasy work of the masters in 1976, the museum received its first visitors. The creation of a grandiose museum complex was performed by real enthusiasts who believed in their success in arcing.

Annually on the territory of the museum erect new architectural structures of various historical periods. Today, more than two hundred unique buildings are concentrated here, which reflect the life and culture of a particular region in a certain historical period. The pride of the museum complex is a 40-thousand collection of unique exhibits, collected from different parts of Ukraine.
The collection includes: traditional costumes, ceramics, glass and metal products, all possible types of fabrics of the XVII – XX centuries, magnificent handmade carpets, ceramic and wooden products, musical instruments, household utensils, unique embroidery, painting.

Interiors of the museum Pirogovo

In addition to houses on the territory of the museum there are churches where they can organize a wedding.
• Church of the Holy Archangel Michael, 1750.
The structure was transported from the Fastovsky District, it is operational and is subordinated to the UOC-KP.
• Church of the Holy Great Martyr Paraskeva from the Cherkassy region, in 1742.
• Resurrection church from the village. Kisorichi of the Rivne region, 1789
• Church of St. Nicholas from the village of Zelene, Podolia, 1817.

Church of the Holy Archangel Michael, Pirogovo

Church of the Holy Great Martyr Paraskeva, Pirogovo

Resurrection Church, Pirogovo

Church of St. Nicholas, Pirogovo

On the territory of the museum there are several dozens of different mills and windmills that you can see.

Wooden mills in Pirogovo

Almost every weekend in the museum, there are theatrical performances, festivals and fairs, in which the national ensembles of Ukraine take part.
Your children can participate in various master classes in weaving, pottery and blacksmithing. You can explore all the sights of the museum on foot or take a horse walk, which is very popular among guests.

You can explore the surroundings of the museum yourself, or order an excursion.
Excursion system administration is thought through to the smallest detail – everyone can choose for himself the convenient time of the event.
For foreign guests of the museum complex excursions are conducted in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.

How to get to the Museum of National Architecture and Life, Pirogovo?
It is not difficult to get to the popular sights of the Kiev region by public transport. Here minibus numbers 156, 172, 496, 576 and trolleybus №11 go daily.

Address: пос. Pirogovo, Kiev region.

GPS coordinates: 50°21’15”N 30°30’43”E

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