Mud volcano Starunya

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From time to time, in different parts of the world, volcanoes wake up demonstrating their greatness before humanity. They are fascinating, and at the same time frightening.
On the territory of Ukraine there are traces of the activity of volcanoes, but they are all in the so-called sleep mode for more than a century. Today, the situation has changed dramatically.
Global climate change is gradually showing results.
Now the list of countries that have active volcanoes has been added to Ukraine.

What is the uniqueness of the volcano Starunya?

More recently, a three-meter volcano, which has clearly shown itself, demonstrates a very high seismic sensitivity. It actively and gradually increases the volume of the mud stream, more often small cracks and dips are manifested, and gas evolution has also noticeably increased.

The mud volcano Starunya noticeably reacts to earthquakes that occur over several thousand kilometers. And this fact is somewhat alarming.

But from a scientific point of view, this is a truly unique place, which provides an opportunity to study the dynamics of the earth in more detail, learn how to predict earthquakes in time, and understand the process of mineral formation itself.

It is also worth noting that hot mud streams have high mineralization, having healing properties for humans.

The reason for the origin of the mud volcano Starun

Volcano owes its appearance to human intervention in the natural environment.
A little over a century ago, a program was launched in the local area to develop a new oil field. Then, in 1870, ozokerite was mined here, but in 1953 work was stopped.
Subsequently, groundwater, generously saturated with oxygen, has unimpeded access to the depths of the earth, which in turn contributes to the oxidation of oil, thereby ensuring a constant flow of thermal energy, so necessary for the life of the volcano.

Naturally, man is the main culprit in the appearance of Staruni, but nature has also made its own adjustments. The first signs of his awakening appeared in 1977 as a result of the earthquake in Romania.
On a small cone-shaped hill, which had a diameter of no more than 50 meters, very small craters were first noticed, which actively splashed out dirt and gas.
Since that time, the volcano does not stop its activity.
Today, Starunya has 8 permanent and 12 intermittent craters that emit water, oil, gas, and dirt into the natural environment.

Interesting to know

Old Town is also well known to tourists because of its unique salt well.
Its depth is 20 meters. Water has a high salt concentration, as shown by the samples – this is 70%.

Proponents of legends and some historians sincerely believe that the treasures of Oleksa Dovbush may be lurking in the vicinity of Staruni, which were previously voluntarily forcibly confiscated from the Bogorodchansky castle.

Ceresin from Starunsky ozokerite used the United Kingdom to isolate the first telephone cable across the ocean floor between Europe and America.

Address: s. Starunya, Bogorodchansky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region

GPS coordinates: 48°42’38”N 24°29’29”E

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