Mavrinsky Maidan

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On the territory of Ukraine there are a lot of mysterious places about which almost nothing is known.
The Mavrin Maidan is a vivid confirmation of this.
From different parts of our country, hundreds of tourists visit this unique landmark in the Dnipropetrovsk region to see and experience this mystical place with their own eyes.

There are several theories about the origin of the Mavrian Maidan, some associate its origins with aliens, others with Cossacks, the third with ancient people and so endlessly.
There are many assumptions, but unfortunately there are no reliable facts.
When it comes to the Mavrin Maidan, there are some questions that simply do not have answers.
But no matter how it was beaten, here is really a mystical place where trees do not grow, water does not stay in the rainy season, has remarkable acoustics, looks like a crab from the height of a bird’s flight.

As I already mentioned, there are several versions of the origin of the Mavrin Maidan, we will consider the most popular ones.

The first version of the origin of the Mavrinsky Maidan
Historians argue that the Mavrin Maydan could create Zaporozhye Cossacks for defensive purposes. From the mound a remarkable visibility of the horizon was opened, which allowed to react in time and how to meet enemies.

The second version of the origin of the Mavrinsky Maidan
There is confirmation of historical facts that during the period of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the localities
Was developed fishing “nitration” is the extraction of saltpeter, with which, in turn
Gun powder was produced.
The process of obtaining saltpeter was quite long and complex, which stretched for several years. Therefore, as in the local regions and in other territories of Ukraine, such earth embankments (mounds) were met by hundreds.
Perhaps, the Mavrin Maidan was of industrial importance, and its unusual form is just a coincidence.

The third version of the origin of the Mavrinsky Maidan
The construction of the shafts of the Mavrin Maidan makes it possible to observe the position of the Sun all year round, especially at the solstices and equinoxes.
In fact, the Maidan is the Ukrainian Stonehenge.
Perhaps there was a temple, a religious and religious building or even an ancient
Calendar-observatory complex.
This theory is quite possible, especially since similar structures are found in different parts of the world.

Dimensions of the Mavrin Maidan Maidan:
The diameter of the central depression is 54-60 meters, and its depth is 10 meters;
Length of whiskers from 65 to 200 meters;
The area of the Maidan is 5.5 hectares.

How to get to the Mavrinsky Maidan

Mavrinsky Maidan is located on the outskirts of the cozy village Mezhirich in the Dnepropetrovsk region, so initially keep your course to this locality.
To get to the place is not difficult, if you are by car then you need to turn left from the Dnepropetrovsk-Donetsk route, about 3 km to Pavlograd, towards Mezhyrich village.
On the route, cross the railway crossing, then continue heading straight for the main intersection until the second intersection.
Then turn right in front of a small store, eat right up to the end of the street.
Next, you need to drive a little on the primer, focusing on the pointer, and you’re there.
It will be difficult to get lost, but in the extreme case the locals will tell you the right way.

Address: with. Mezhirich, Dnepropetrovsk region.

GPS coordinates: 48°33’34.92″N, 35°48’19.08″E

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