Lake Berestuvate

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On the territory of Ukraine there are a lot of mysterious places, where sometimes mysterious events that are not explainable sometimes happen, people disappear or die, anomalies are observed, strange creatures are encountered. As a rule, such places in the people are called “place of power”, we have more than enough. But the special attention deserves Lake Berestuvate, which is surrounded on the perimeter by a dense forest, which is also shrouded in incredible stories and legends.
Naturally, this is not the best place to relax in the circle of friends and family, but if you are fond of mysticism, occultism or paranormal phenomena then you should be beaten here.
This landmark of the Kirovograd region is fascinating and at the same time frightening.

Over the past 50 years, the lake has changed greatly, covered by floating islands, which were formed from opal foliage, grass, algae, namul, wood, etc.
Sealing formation moves along the surface of the lake at a speed of 5 meters per year.

But most of all, the fact that the pond has no bottom surprises us.
Rather, no one could measure it, although many ate.
Today there is no information about its depth, since all attempts to fix at least some data beat were doomed to failure.
For example, once in time to measure the depth for quite unknown reasons, a fairly strong rope with a length of 500 meters was cut short.
They also beat the divers’ efforts to find the bottom, at some point they thought that the goal had been achieved, but almost immediately the bottom fell and further depth went again.
Unfortunately, one of the divers drowned during the research, and his body was never found.
For several decades, the teaching can not explain and understand why the depth of the lake can not be measured? even with the help of modern technology.
As it is not strange, there is an assumption that the reason lies in the unexplainable phenomena that occur regularly in the local area from ancient times to the present day.
People often see on the surface of the lake, as well as in the nearest forest, floating fireballs, strange creatures, hear the intimidating non-natural sounds.
It should be noted that many seriously believe that Lake Berestuvate is the door to the other world, and therefore has no bottom.
But how could it become a point of transition between the worlds?
Apparently this issue was very puzzled by the Radyan regime, at one time.
After all, there are reliable data that in 1950, on the shore of the lake, on the orders of the party leadership, a scientific base was built, where leading teachings from all corners of the Soviet Union of Physics, geologists, and biochemists worked. The entire perimeter near the lake was protected, for a long time the territory was guarded as a military facility and the entrance to strangers was banned.
Experiments of scientists lasted long 18 years, and only in the first half of 1969 the base was unexpectedly closed, and materials, equipment, documentation were taken to Moscow and assigned the status of “secret”.
What research was conducted here is not known, and let in the near future we do not know the truth, the very action of the leadership clearly demonstrates the fact that the authorities and the military are interested in such places.

How was Lake Berestuvate formed?

As numerous studies by geologists have shown, Lake Berestuvate is located very near the famous Kirovograd fault, which appeared 2 billion years ago.
It was also found out that along the perimeter of the reservoir there are considerably fewer faults of different directions and types.
Such data only confirm that the lake is in a very active tectonic zone.
Throughout the natural boundary, geologists have discovered over 70 tectonic deformations, which could have appeared only during the fall of the meteorite 65 million liters. gt;
After the collision of the cosmic body with the earth, a huge crater formed, which eventually filled with water from the glacier. As a result, it turns out that the lake is a crater filled with water of a prehistoric glacier.

Lake Berastuvata today

Today the territory of the base is still fenced, but scientific research has not been conducted for a long time. The structure is on the balance of the Znamiska administration, which is guarded by the guard from the local neighborhood.
It’s not crowded, the local try to avoid the lake side.
But, yet it is often visited by lovers of extreme rest and representatives of various occult societies, who conduct their mystical rites here.
Since 1975 the lake is a hydrological memorial of the nature of Ukraine, where you can see rare plants listed in the Red Book. Across the perimeter of the reservoir, often there are shrubbery, ferns, a very rare orchid, a bear bear, and vegetation that is common in the lands of the Caucasus or Tibet.

Not a few here is found therapeutic vegetation, for example, comfrey, primrose, fragrant woodruff and much more.

Of the aquatic inhabitants in the lake there is only an earth crucian. Perhaps it should be noted that the water in the pond is very cold. Its temperature regime, regardless of the pore of the year, is held at 12-13 degrees. The total area of Berestovatogo Lake is 16 hectares.

Mystical events near Lake Berestuvate

The mysterious lake regularly occurs inexplicable science and common sense events.
For example, more recently for 3 months the watchman of the base disappeared without a trace.
Relatives and friends no longer believed in his return, but the man just as suddenly appeared as he disappeared, could not explain his long absence.
In this case, it would be possible to voice its theory of disappearance if it were not for one thing.
The fact is that the man on his return aged for several decades.
In the end, he could not emotionally cope with the experience and eventually found himself in a psychiatric hospital.

Such situations, from time to time, are repeated throughout the world.
In 1997 in Greece, a similar case was recorded.
The 32 year old man decided to clean the well, he went down to its bottom and at the same time disappeared in front of his assistants, after an hour and a half the man returned.
But when he was lifted from the depths of what he saw struck everyone.
The man aged in the literal sense, and a few hours after the incident, he died.
As the examination showed, it was a natural death from old age.
This history can not be scientifically explained, except for the theory of quantum physicists, which deals with parallel worlds.
It is certainly difficult to believe in this, but how could it happen that a person has lived his whole life in a moment, as it is impossible to realize the sudden disappearance and old age of the guard of the base.

The vicinity of the lake has long frightened local residents, especially after the terrible tragedy that occurred in 1970.
After learning incredible stories about the special energy of the lake, 13 students decided to make sure of the truthfulness of the legend, which said that the lake is the entrance to another world.
Young people decided to hold a special magical rite here.
He had to open their doors to another dimension and give them extra power.
In the end, early in the morning 13 students were found dead.
Their lifeless bodies lay in the surroundings of occult books and pentagrams.
No one knows for certain what happened that night, there were no signs of violent death on the bodies, and the examination found death due to cardiac arrest.
Local residents believe that young people died because of their stupidity, they had no magic power and perceived magic as a game, so unknown strength punished them for trying to get there where they did not have a place. Against the backdrop of all these strange events that are not amenable to a sound explanation, some questions arise for which there are no answers.
Are local old people and legends right and Lake Berestuvate for centuries hides in its depths the entrance to the other world. Naturally, this theory is very difficult to believe, but given the unexplored nature of our planet and the many facts proved by science from legends, it can very well be true.

The first historical references about Lake Berestuvate

In an effort to get answers about the mystery of the reservoir, our searches have inculcated us to a very interesting copy of the medieval document, where the lake is mentioned.
The information provided in it was incredibly interesting.
So, what did you learn?

In 1630, the popular European engineer and cartographer Guillaume Levasseur de Boplan received an invitation from the Polish King Sigismund III to serve as a military engineer.
The Frenchman for his origin agreed and for a long time served Rzeczpospolita in the territory of modern Ukraine. Considering the need for weakened Poland in reliable defensive installations, the main job of the engineer was to create projects for castles, fortresses and military fortifications. It should be noted that the Podgoretsky Castle, the fortification of the Berezhansky Castle, numerous fortresses on the territory of Ukraine were erected on its projects. According to the specifics of his professional activities, Boplan detailed the exact location of settlements, water resources, mountains, forests, etc.
Eventually, in 1648, the world saw the first and very detailed copy of the map of Ukraine, which was seen in Switzerland and is still preserved in the military archive of Stockholm. Thanks to the works of Boplan, Ukraine has officially established itself on European cartography, and has also become the main reliable source in the writing of the book Pitra-Chevalier’s The History of the Wars of the Cossacks against Poland.

Having been in Ukraine for a long time, Boplan created the most mysterious map – this is a map of the Black Forest in the center of which is depicted Lake Berestuvate.
Relatively recently, among the works of the cartographer, a specimen was found, which was an integral part of the large map seen in 1650.
But, the most interesting is that the sample found does not coincide with the wound published material. This map shows the Black Forest and the cross itself is a lake with the inscription “mysterious radiance”. It is possible that there is some mystical context here, or it could only be beaten by a working version that was not intended for publication.
Assumptions, as you can see, are more than enough.
But, what could the inscription “mysterious radiance” mean? Did Boplan witness mysterious events in the local regions or he managed to find an entrance to the other world, about which locals and legends repeat.
Today, the teachings quite seriously affirm that there are many parallel worlds and they are all completely different. That’s just what the world is outside the doors of this pond can only build their assumptions.

Address: Znamensky district, Kirovograd region, from Vodyanoye.

GPS coordinates: 48°46′26″ пн. ш. 32°32′39″ сх. д. 

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