Kirovograd Dendropark

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What would be great to spend your weekend in the circle of friends and family, not necessarily
To leave the outskirts of Ukraine.
In our country, there are many wonderful places where you can have a good rest.
In everyday routine, often, we spend little time for our children, than we would like.
Visiting the cozy city of Kirovograd, you will have the opportunity to correct this situation.
Your children here will really like it, from a variety of attractions they will remain
Pleasant memories for a long time.
Not for nothing, Kirovograd Dendropark is called the “Ukrainian Disneyland”
The total area of the park is 45 hectares, of which 12 hectares is occupied by the entertainment zone.
There are many attractions for children and adults, which are divided into three groups: children, family and extreme.
In addition to fascinating attractions, there are cozy restaurants and cafes, a cinema, a volleyball court.
On the territory of the park are often arranged show programs, concerts, charity events.
So neither you nor your children will not be bored.

The arboretum is open all year round, but it is best to visit it in the spring when tulips bloom.
They are more than 150 thousand species!
In this short period, the park has a unique atmosphere.
From the riot of exquisite flowers, it’s simply not possible to tear your eyes away.
From different parts of Ukraine, especially on May holidays, thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the fabulous beauty around.
Kirovograd Dendropark – a small Ukrainian Holland, which is worth a visit to everyone.

In the green zone, on 33 hectares, grows over 900 species of shrubs and trees.
After a tiring winter, there is nothing better to stroll around the well-tended park.
Wild greenery, a unique aroma of flowers, will give you happiness and a wonderful mood.
For fans of photo and video shooting, here is the perfect place.
Well-groomed landscape corners, bright and saturation of color around, will help at least for a while
To score about everyday worries.

Sights of the city of Kirovograd:
Museum-plane; Fortress of St. Elizabeth; Monument to the Guardian Angel of Ukraine;
The Art Museum (Shpolyansky House)

Adress: Kirovograd, Pravdy 28, Kirovograd region.

GPS coordinates: 48°30’1”N 32°13’55”E

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