Kievan Rus Park

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The Kievan Rus Park is a one-of-a-kind modern project, both for Ukraine and for the whole world, which vividly reflects the culture and history of Ancient Russia. A scientific and cultural center brought to life, like a bridge between the past and the present, which has no analogues. In fact, this is indeed the case. Indeed, when creating the museum-park, historical information about the exact dimensions of all known buildings of the medieval city, namely Detynets of Kyiv of the 5th-13th centuries, was taken as the basis for maximum reliability.

It is important to note that the project itself is not solely an architectural reproduction. It is implemented more like a historical reconstruction. It clearly displays the most diverse aspects of the life of the once capital of Kievan Rus. And so that the modern generation does not get bored and it is really interesting for them to become a part of a distant history, real battles are arranged here, demonstrating the defense of a medieval city, its peaceful everyday life and holidays, traditions, city bustle and life are recreated.

The unusual atmosphere of this place somehow imperceptibly absorbs us, allowing us to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages and get an incomparable, informative and truly bright country rest.

What to do in Kievan Rus Park?

If you have the impression that Kievan Rus Park is an ordinary open-air museum and everything about everything will take an hour or two of your time, then you are mistaken! I want to say right away, plan your leisure time for the whole day. Park-Museum Kievan Rus – this is not a stylization, but the world’s only reconstruction of the central part of a medieval city on a 1:1 scale, which looks exactly the same as it once did during the time of Prince Vladimir.

Here you can not only enjoy the atmosphere of a medieval city, but also entertain yourself with what your soul really lies in: archery or crossbow shooting, throwing combat spears, axes, knives, fencing or horseback riding, minting a coin, taking part in ancient Slavic games and master classes, arrange a gorgeous photo session.

Theatrical performances will leave the most vivid and unforgettable impressions on the guests of the historical park, and you will be simply crazy about the performance of the equestrian stunt theater! Domestic and foreign musical groups will perform medieval and ethnic music, awakening the adrenaline activity of their fans.

The rich night program of the park deserves special attention, namely: spectacular fights and fights, an exciting performance of fire artists and, of course, fireworks – where would you be without it!

Stables of Kievan Rus Park

If you love horses, then this is another reason why you should visit the local tourist location. Since the park has a truly unique and most importantly live “horse museum”, where you can see the historical breeds of different eras of thoroughbred horses from all over the world.

Club-school of equestrian archers “Prince Vladimir”

Mounted archery, especially for men, is a very exciting activity. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that almost every representative of the stronger sex wants to test his dexterity in the ancient martial art. Apparently it’s true, the art of mounted archery is in our blood, Ukrainians – Russians. Even without experience, but under the guidance of an instructor in the equestrian archery club, you will hit the target from the first lesson! Therefore, if physical activity is not contraindicated for you and there is a desire to become a member of the horse archers club, then you are welcome in the ranks of martial art.

Equestrian jousting tournaments

As a rule, we know about jousting tournaments only from the movie and favorite fairy tales. Since the spectacular action is a thing of the distant past and in the era of high technology, this sport has no place in our modern life. But not in the Kievan Rus park. Here, equestrian clashes, as once the key competition in any jousting tournament, have returned and acquired their significance, in the role of living history. Therefore, if you have a desire to become a part of this history, then the Princely stable of Ancient Kyiv is waiting for you to train.

Combat jigitovka

If you are a characteristic person or, as the people say, “reckless”, then combat dzhigitovka will definitely interest you! With professional instructors, you can master the Cossack sport quickly and easily.

Note to the tourist

Quality service is provided in the Kievan Rus Park, and rich experience in the field of tourism allows organizing a professional reception of delegations or congresses at a high level, holding a festival, fairs, any corporate holidays or a family celebration, for example, a wedding. Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable place for an already planned celebration, then Ancient Kyiv in the Kievan Rus Park is a good option. Moreover, for bright leisure there are several picturesque sites: veche square, nomad camp, princely chambers, Yaroslavov and the princely court, Perun hill, tavern.

If you want to become a participant in the general action in the park, you can visit the dressing room of Ancient Kyiv and choose for yourself the outfit of a Russian, nomad or Varangian.

You can stay for the night in a hostel outside the tourist attraction, in a hotel-type house or in a tent camp, which are located on the territory of Ancient Kyiv.

Author Гребович Н.І ⁞ 16.01.2022

Address: Kopachov village, Obukhovsky district, Kyiv region.

GPS coordinates: 50.145642, 30.474139

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