Kherson Grand Canyon

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Enjoy the amazing mountain scenery and the spicy scent of steppe herbs, go kayaking or discover the thrill of flying on a hang glider. Such an opportunity for those who like to travel is provided by a new tourist location in Ukraine – Kherson Grand Canyon. Therefore, if you are in search of vivid emotions and adore resting with a tent, then the Kherson Mountains, as the local place is often called, is what you need!

High and very massive clay banks are washed by the Dnieper estuary, and deep gullies and ravines create a landscape that is completely atypical for the Kherson land. It is difficult to disagree that many of us are not even aware of the existence of such a beautiful and unusual place in the South. After all, we, by our nature, are inclined to a stereotype, if mountain landscapes, then these are necessarily the Ukrainian Carpathians. But it was not there!

The landscape created by nature is not a wonder for local residents, which cannot be said about tourists from other regions and countries who have chosen this location relatively recently. The increased attention to the Kherson Grand Canyon has grown significantly in recent years.
Naturally, part of the merit can be attributed to the development of tourism in Ukraine, in which the Kherson region takes a very active part within its region. But in fact, the location became popular after the shooting of the video “Places of Happy People” performed by Scriabin.

Kherson Grand Canyon (Stanislavsky Canyon) today

Currently, the Grand Canyon is on the balance sheet of the Stanislavsky Landscape Reserve. The entrance to its territory is free, so everyone can visit the local location and admire the magnificent panorama that opens onto the coastline of the Dnieper-Bug estuary from numerous slopes and mountains.

The Kherson Mountains are an excellent choice for those who, at least for a short time, want to surround themselves with nature, enjoy the spectacle of the sunset and gain a sense of peace and tranquility.

In the near future, given the high demand in the tourism sector for the Kherson Grand Canyon, there are plans to build a tourist infrastructure (parking, observation deck, camping town, etc.).


The canyon in the vicinity of the village of Stanislav is a great place for a vivid photo shoot, landscape video footage for travel bloggers, family vacations or a picnic. The local location is very popular among fans of cycling tourism and extreme sports.

Most often, the Stanislavsky Canyon is visited in the summer, combining their leisure time with a resort vacation. After all, the Kherson region is famous not only for its tomatoes and delicious watermelons, it is also a popular tourist region where you can see interesting sights of the Kherson region.

Author ⁞ Grebovich N.I. ⁞ 01/11/2022

Address: Stanislav village, Belozersky district, Kherson region.

GPS coordinates: 46.5697775, 32.1681833

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