Flower Festival in the Castle of Saint Miklos

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If you plan to spend your weekend in Transcarpathia, be sure to visit the magnificent castle of St. Michel, you will not regret. Every year they hold a wonderful flower festival, in which the best florists of Ukraine and abroad take part. Skillful hands of the masters turn a medieval castle into a small paradise, where it is so calm and cozy.

Dozens of unique expositions of roses, exploring the aroma of flowers, unique atmosphere will leave pleasant and unforgettable memories of the time spent here. Floral exposition decorates the walls of a medieval castle, both inside and outside. Walking around the neighborhood you will see unique installations of fresh flowers, from which it is simply impossible to take your eyes off.

Thousands of tourists visit the medieval castle “Saint Miklos” to enjoy the indescribable beauty. The best place for the weekend is simply not found, but for fans of photo and video shooting is an ideal option.

Date of the festival: July 1-2, 2017.
Address: Chateau Saint-Miklos, village Chinadievo, Transcarpathia


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