Detinets or central park in Chernihiv

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Detinets went down in history as a well-fortified settlement that was created at the end of the 7th century.
As is characteristic of the military period of that time, it was laid on the right bank of the Desna.
During a series of significant historical events, Detinets marked the beginning of the birth of the future capital of the well-known principality of Chernigov-Seversky.

Perhaps it is worth noting that during the time of Kievan Rus, the city of Chernigov figured as a strategically important region, as the historical documents from 907 vividly confirm the preservation of

From reliable data it is known that the territory of Detinets occupied almost 16 hectares, and this is not a full 10% of the total area of the city. As you can see, the scale is quite impressive.
The fortification was strengthened by earthen ramparts, a moat and a wooden wall.
It was possible to get to the territory of Detinets from three sides, namely: Water, Kiev and from the side of the Pogorelov Gate.
In the inner part of the settlement there was a princely courtyard, estates and cathedrals towered.

Chernihiv Detinets, reconstruction

Chernihiv Detinets, today

Today, Detinets is the central park of culture and rest for them. M. M. Kotsyubynsky, where you can have a wonderful free time alone, from children or friends.
A peaceful atmosphere helps to concentrate, is clogged with the problems of everyday life, enjoy nature, relax soul and body.
If you are the first here and in your personal car, then you can park directly as in the park itself, as in the photo, or drive a little further. All conservation structures that ponies do not rise on its territory belong to the ancient architectural and historical reserve of Chernigov.

The highlight of the park is considered to be the cast-iron cannons of the 16th-18th centuries – the favorite place of the townspeople for photography. There are 12 of them.

Here you can also enjoy the architecture of several temple buildings, namely: Transfiguration Cathedral, Borisoglebsky Cathedral and Catherine’s Church.

Catherine’s Church

Among the monuments I want to note the 3-oh bronze sculpture of T.G.Shevchenko, it was installed in 1964. The monument rises on a 1-meter rectangular granite pedestal. The composition is complemented by a pronounced autograph of the Ukrainian poet and artist.
Photo and video enthusiasts love this place.

In addition to the historical and cultural heritage already listed, here you can visit: the house of the archbishop, Lizogub and Chernihiv collegium, several museums.
You will have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent panorama of the Desna floodplain.

I like very much that information stands and signs are installed around the perimeter of the park.
You can find out a lot of useful information about the main attractions of Detinets.

Sights of the Chernihiv region

Within a radius of 200 km from Chernihiv, you can visit several interesting sights, namely:

  1. Kirill Razumovsky Palace and the Citadel of Baturin Fortress – 155 km;
  2. National Historical and Cultural Reserve, Kachanivka – 178 km;
  3. Dungeon of Novgorod-Seversky Monastery – 175 km;
  4. Blue Lakes in Oleshn – 61 km.
Address: Chernihiv, Chernihiv region

GPS coordinates: 51°29′21″ с. ш. 31°18′31″ в. д  

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