Desnyanskaya Obolon Nature Reserve

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Desnyanskaya Obolon is a unique natural landmark of Ukraine, which has the status of a protected object. It includes several dozen rivers flowing through the territory of two regions: Chernigov and Sumy. Magnificent landscapes, picturesque nature and, of course, crystal clear waters of numerous reservoirs of the reserve are ideal for family travel and green tourism.

Quiet and little-known places for outdoor recreation today are as relevant today, especially for fishing enthusiasts. Indeed, more than 35 species of fish live in the waters of the reserve: pike, ide, carp, crucian carp, catfish, perch, goby, bream, rudd, tulka, loach, eel, pike perch and many others.
Naturally, in the Desna there are also valuable species of fish, listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, such as sterlet and madder. If your goal is a big catch, then it is best to head for the village of Karpovichi or the city of Putivl.

Desnyanskaya Obolon is not only an opportunity to fish, but also to have a good time by organizing outdoor recreation outside the city with your own tent and fragrant barbecue. Therefore, if you are puzzled by the question of where to relax in Ukraine in the summer? Desnyanskaya Obolon Nature Reserve may be the best solution for you!

Desna, is characterized as the longest left tributary of the Dnieper, the sources of which are concentrated in the swamps of the Smolensk region. Ultimately, it flows into the Dnieper on the territory of Kiev, having previously overcome a rather long and winding path to the mouth. Its floodplain is very swampy, there are incredibly many channels and lakes. Perhaps the main feature of the Desna is a winding channel with a maximum width of 450 meters. The depth of the river balances from 2 to 17 meters.

It is important to note that the Desna unites 18 right and 13 left tributaries, each of them in its own way unique, inimitable and provides a high interest as a natural tourist location in Ukraine. Therefore, it is worth highlighting the three most popular parts of the reserve, suitable for an unforgettable weekend getaway!

The Ubed River is part of the right tributary of the Desna. She spread her possessions on the territory of the Chernigov region in the Novgorod-Seversky, Koryukovsky and Sosnitsky districts. The total length of the reservoir is 106 kilometers, while its maximum width is 2.5 km.

The valley is covered with shrubs and meadow vegetation, the right bank has wetlands. The natural channel is very winding, the bottom is silted, but there are areas with a sandy bottom.
River water is used exclusively for household needs.

There are two dozen species of fish in the river. Therefore, you can easily diversify your hiking diet, the main thing is not to forget fishing tackle before leaving.

Today, Ubed, in addition to notable fishing, has a sporting interest. Extreme tourism in this region has long been the norm! Fans of adventure and kayaking are increasingly turning their attention to Chernihiv Polesie. After all, the places here are truly enchanted!

The current is noticeably fast. The landscapes are magnificent: meadows, hills, forest on the banks. The most picturesque place to stay at Ubedi during the rafting beyond the coordinates (51 ° 40′20.4 ″ N 32 ° 40′53.3 ″ E). A high hill with a birch forest and a convenient exit to the clearing is ideal for a halt.

Convince – a good sports route for the May holidays. Be sure your outdoor recreation will be remembered for a lifetime, you will definitely want to come back here again!

The Snov River belongs to the right tributary of the Desna. It is well known both among anglers and tourists who prefer extreme rest, going on a canoe trip on the river Snov.

The winding bed of one of the clean rivers of Ukraine will open the traveler a beautiful view of the coniferous forests and green meadows.

The Seim River is a body of water on the territory of the reserve, which belongs to the largest left tributary of the Desna. Its total length reaches 750 kilometers, through the territory of Ukraine, the Diet flow meanders in the aisles of the Sumy and Chernigov regions, overcoming 250 km.

The river bed is meandering, the width in the aisles is 100 meters, the depth balances from 7 to 10 meters, depending on weather conditions and relief. The bottom of the Diet is sandy. On the Seim there is a small but cozy town of Putivl.

The wealth of the river is not only beautiful landscapes, but also a wide variety of fish. Therefore, if you are a supporter of fishing rafting, then you will not find a better place. Indeed, the most inveterate fishermen prefer to rest here!

You can fish with a spinning rod anywhere, but if your goal is a pike or rudd, then pay attention to the plots in the aisles of the villages of Tetkino and Chervona Sloboda.
You have more chances to catch a gudgeon or a pinch in the aisles of Putivl and the village of Mutino.

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