Desert in Kiev

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For those who are just starting to discover the tourist places of Ukraine and are already considering the best ideas for family travel, it will be interesting to learn about the unique and very popular sight of Kiev. The location is often called by the people and on city forums Kiev Sahara.

Admiring the sandy hills for a moment you hammer that you are not in Africa, but in the capital of Ukraine. The only thing that reminds of this is new buildings and houses in the distance. A part of the right-bank Kiev is clearly visible from the sand dunes of the desert. Desert expanses are complemented on both sides by the lake, greenery and summer cottages. The landscape of the neighborhood is unusual and contrasting. Here you can wonderfully relax after the tiring everyday life in the city.Girls in wedding and evening dresses are a traditional painting seen in the desert. After all, snow-white dunes serve as a great backdrop for photography and video filming. The top place for a cool desert photo shoot has long been chosen by beginners and professional photographers.

It so happens that the silence and romance of this place is disturbed by the roar of engines. Therefore, if you are planning an active weekend in the aisles of Kiev and want to test your technique in loose sands, then the local districts will be a good option for drag racing. If we put aside the drive and racing on the sands, then here you can have a great vacation in nature. The desert fascinates everyone who enters its sands, walking through its vastness you lose track of time.

As for the inhabitants of Odessa with the sea, so for the people of Kiev with the desert, it is constantly postponed. Our life gives us many opportunities, but it takes a lot of energy, so do not forget – rest and travel are just as important as work or study. If you learn to relax and find time for a hobby, family, yourself, then no depression will be terrible for you!

The scale of the Kiev desert is not up to the Sahara. But in order to go to the possession of sand and dunes, you do not need to buy a tour or wait for permission to enter from the country, you just need to bend into the metro or into your car and get Poznyakov. The desert is located behind Metro and Epicenter.

If you have a few free days at your disposal, then you can go to the National Natural Park “Aleshkinsky Sands”, walk through the desert dunes and 5-meter dunes, which are spread over an area of ​​210 thousand hectares.

Author ⁞ Greborich N.I ⁞ 10/20/2020

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