Cossack farm Galushkovka

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History Farms grounds “Galushkovka” originates from the 17th century.
Established a settlement legendary Zaporozhye Cossacks, in the Wild Fields.
Today the farm is a Cossack ethnographic center where skillfully recreated traditional Cossack way of life.

Nailing is the impression of the movement in the past, where once there were the most important historical events of our people.
Each battle, victory and defeat have left a trace in our difficult history and a little bit of visually displayed on a Farm “Galushkovka”.
Examining the collection exhibits you realize the whole reality of the difficult life of our ancestors.

On the territory of the ethnographic center is located 3 farms, dated XIX century
Each has its own uniqueness and complicated history.
The first manor house is an excellent Ethnographic Museum, it consists of
Cross Museum and the Museum of Rural Life

Cross Museum is the only museum on the territory of Ukraine, which was able to collect
crosses of various denominations known artists and jewelers XVII- XX centuries.
Here you have the opportunity to explore the magnificent works of wood crosses,
metal ceramics.

Rural Life Museum, provides an example of the Cossack housing in the distant 18th century.
Here are collected the authentic exhibits of furniture and household.
The highlight of the museum is rightly considered a great collection of Cossack weapons.

The second is a picturesque manor house hotel where you can relax and refresh after a tiring trip.
Here any interested visitor can visit the tavern, which serves delicious Ukrainian meals.

The third manor deserves special attention.
Here are the shops where the regularly held master classes in pottery and painting Petrykivka.
Anyone can make some souvenirs with their own hands, of course with the help of craftsmen.

For those wishing to have the opportunity to:
Continue on horseback,
Throw mace,
Try your hand at a duel – “battering ram”.

Address: Dnepropetrovsk region, Petrikov district, p. Greceanii, street Petrovsky, 28

GPS coordinates: 48°43’5”N 34°31’6”E

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