Chernivtsi University

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In the south-western Ukraine, not far from the Romanian border, it stretches the magnificent city of Chernivtsi.
He is considered the center of origin of Ukrainian culture.
The city opened their talents known personalities whose work admired today.
Names of well-known writers, architects named many of the streets and buildings of the city.
Chernivtsi National University became a vivid example of this, he was given the name of a talented writer, poet and translator Yuri Fedkovych.
His back-breaking toil, he made a huge contribution to the cultural development of the city that is remembered and adequately assessed the residents of Chernivtsi.

The city has many attractions, but the University Fedkovych, deserves special attention.
It is located in the heart of a wonderful and cozy city on the basis of the residence of Metropolitan of Bukovina.
Educational building consists of three buildings that complement each other perfectly, creating
magnificent ensemble.
Every year the University publishes hundreds of top class specialists in many areas.
Get the education in the university, the dream of many Ukrainian and foreign entrants.

Preparation of bachelors in the following areas:
Geodesy and land management;
Humanitarian sciences;
Natural Sciences;
Journalism and information;
Publishing and printing business;
Computer Science and Engineering;
Information Security;
International relationships;
Management and administration;
Metrology, measuring equipment and information and measurement technology;
Teacher Education;
Radio engineering, radio-electronic devices and communications;
Agriculture and Forestry;
System sciences and cybernetics;
Socio-Political Sciences;
Construction and architecture;
Service sector;
Physics and mathematics;
Physical education, sports and health;
Economy and business;
Electronics and electrical engineering.

Institution attracts not only prospective students, but also tourists.
Such hype around the university associated with the history of its origin and high status in society.
In 2010, UNESCO added the commission Chernivtsi National University named after Yu.Fedkovicha in the World Heritage List.

University Website

History of University

Address: Chernivtsi region, Chernovtsy, st. Kotsyubyns’kogo 2

GPS coordinates: 48.2976, 25.9271

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