Cave of the Templars in Transcarpathia

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The Templar cave, located on top of the natural miracle of the Black Mountain, is a very popular attraction of Transcarpathia.
The local land, as well as the dungeon itself, was covered with incredible legends in which it is very difficult to believe or disprove.
A considerable part of it is flooded with water, as if saving this place from uninvited guests.
Today, no one knows for certain when, by whom, for what purpose the cave was created, some legends and assumptions. There are so many versions that it is very difficult to determine where the fiction is, and where the truth is.

In the process of archaeological research, it was found that the cave is man-made and was not previously flooded.
Water could appear here as a result of reaching groundwater, in the process of cutting down the tunnel.
Naturally there have been repeated attempts to pump out water, with the purpose of studying the dungeon, but all the undertakings failed.
Water stably maintains its level, no matter how hard the local ethnographers use their efforts.

Many believe that the cave was flooded specifically to hide their secrets.
In this case, there are two versions.
Some argue that the Germans did this during the Second World War, in order to save the scientific data that is hidden behind the iron door.
Some locals say that they personally saw this door and guards guarding the entire cave around the perimeter.
In another version, we are talking about the gold of the Knights Templar, hidden in the secret places of the cave, which knights-templars created during the cutting down of the tunnel.
The reason for this theory was found on the walls of inscriptions, crosses and coins, which belonged to a secret order.

Recently there has been a very lively discussion among historians, archaeologists, scientists about the Knights Templar, their secrets and artifacts – including, about the Holy Grail.

Today there is reliable evidence that representatives of the mysterious order in the XIII century, lived on the territory of Ukraine. Findings related to the Templars in our land are many, including castles, caves, underground passages, artifacts.
Most recently, in the village of Novoselki is the Lviv region, very old stones with inscriptions and interwoven wreaths have been found.
Soon the stones were moved to the Zolochiv Castle, where they are kept to this day.
Many believe that if you unravel the encrypted inscription on the stones you can get a key to
code, which will lead to the Grail, and the artifact, if you believe the legend, is hidden in the cave of the Templars in Transcarpathia.

Naturally the Templar legend is beautiful, but modern science denies this version.
If you carefully examine the historical data, there is no evidence that the Templars were in the territory of Transcarpathia as builders of structures.
Representatives of the Order settled in already ready castles and fortresses, they did not engage in construction.
In this case, the logical question arises, who created the caves of the Black Mountain if it is not the Templars?
The answer to this question was received thanks to the history of the local karaya.
In the 15th century, when the neighborhood belonged to the Pereni family, they in turn invited professional masters to build the Kankov Castle and cut a cave in the Black Mountain.
Unfortunately, no reliable data was found by who exactly they were made.
Perhaps it will be possible to find out the planned archaeological research.

How to get to Vinogradov:
If you prefer to travel by train, then you need to get to start in Lviv, Mukacheve or Uzhgorod. Further, you make a transfer, take a minibus or a bus to Vinogradov, and you are there.

Traveling by car is much easier, it is enough to add GPS coordinates to the navigator and the program will itself lay the best route for you.

Tips for tourists
Planning to visit the cave of the Templars in Transcarpathia, stay for a day or two in the cozy town of Vinogradov (Sevlush), you will not regret it.
Here you can see many interesting sights, stroll along quiet streets, without fuss.

What’s worth seeing in Vinogradov (Sevlush) and surroundings:
1) The ruins of the castle Kankov. At the foot of the “Black Mountain” reserve, the ruins of the Kankov Castle majestically rise, as if recalling the former glory of the local region.
The remains of the structure have been little studied, but have a very rich history.
Local residents claim that the castle is connected by an underground passage with the palace of Pereni and the church.
This legend has the right to exist, if we take into account that a part of the moves were actually found here.

2) The palace is the residence of the barons of Pereni. Initially, the exquisite baroque building had only one floor. Over time, the second tier was completed, decorative elements were added, which have been partially preserved to the present day.

3) Ascension church, XIII century, was of defensive importance, if necessary, the bell tower of the shrine was exploited as a watchtower.

4) Franciscan monastery. The shrine consists of a church and a two-story building that connect with the temple and patio. In 2012, built a small chapel.

5) Complex “Vinnichki”. The local resort is located 7 km from Vinogradova.
Here you can have a great rest among friends and relatives. Around the man-made lake
built cozy houses and alcoves. On the territory of the complex there is a hotel, water entertainments, restaurants.

6) An ancient settlement of Dacians. This unique place, which is located near the Black Mountain, has a very rich history. To get to it is not difficult, it is necessary to move the same way that leads to “Vinnichki”. In the end, it will take you to the village of Malaya Kopanya.
I recommend asking the local people about the site of the site, everyone knows about it, excavations are carried out here every year. The forest road, along which it is necessary to move, which also leads to the Great Kopan, ends with a small bridge, to the left you will see a hill of the mountain.
This is a gloriously known site of ancient settlement, which is hidden among the forest. In the process of archaeological excavations, remains of structures, vessels, weapons, coins, ornaments were found here.

7) The source “Chorziv”. From the Castle of Dacians continue our route in the direction of the village.
In order to better orient, it is advisable to ask the local direction to the source of “Chorziv”.
There is an assumption that the cause of the mass birth of twins in the village. The Great Kopani is the water from the spring “Chorґiv”.
Every year thousands of wishing to give birth to a child visit this unique place.
About with. The Great Dopes are known as the Ukrainian village of twins, even behind the aisles of our country.
Taking into account the peculiarity of the settlement, it was added to the Book of Records of Ukraine, as a village where twins are massively born.


The address: Vinogradov, Transcarpathian region

GPS coordinates: 48°09′00″ с. ш. 23°04′00″ в. д

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