Castle Hill. Chyhyryn

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Centuries have claimed thousands of brave heroes who once fought fearlessly for the right to live on their land. This war for “Life, Freedom, Independence” continues today.

Castle Hill is a special place on the map of Ukraine. Here, in the small homeland of the Ukrainian hetman, the spirit of fearless and freedom-loving Cossacks reigns. The battles of the Cossack troops under the control of the Ukrainian hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky were repeatedly held in the local area.

Historians argue about the origin of the name “Chigirin” to this day. Some believe that the city is so named because of the endless thickets, others tie a name with the name of the first settler.
But, personally, I like what the local guides call it – The City of the Unconquered.
Unconquered, you think the Chigirynts were called that for an elegant word, but not. The bottom line is that Chigirin was standing at the border of the so-called Wild Field, so he constantly had to keep the raids of strangers.

Here childhood passed, and over time, Bohdan Khmelnitsky set up his hetman’s residence. The construction is still in the center of the city of modern Chigirin. At first glance, the hetman’s residence is not very similar to the hetman’s, there is no wealth and luxury. The truth is what it really was during the time of Khmelnitsky, we are descendants, we can only imagine. After all, this is a restored yard.

The Hetman residence was built on the site of the once-parental home, near the mountain itself. She is now called Bogdanova. Unfortunately, much has been lost today. Nevertheless, thanks to the joint efforts of Ukrainian patriots, we still managed to save a piece of our history.

Castle Mountain or Bogdanova Mountain is the pearl of the city of Chigirin.
The tourist location and the popular historical landmark of the Cherkasy region is part of the Chigirin National Historical and Cultural Reserve. A well-groomed mountain with alleys, bastions, sculptures, monuments hospitably welcomes tourists from all over the world.

If you are already planning an independent trip to Ukraine, then Chyhyryn is a great solution for traveling with your family. And take the children, because it’s much more interesting to study history than with a textbook!

Castle Hill. Chigirin, legends

On Chigirinsky Mountain, Bogdan Khmelnitsky was surrounded by the 100,000th army of the enemy. The Cossacks bravely held the defense, but there was no drinking water. Animals died of thirst, and then people fell from impotence. And then a miracle happened! Between the rocks on the mountain a creek with drinking water broke through, wearying thirst, the governors mercilessly defeated the enemy.

Музей Б Хмельницкого в ЧигиринеРоковая любовь Б Хмельницкого
Address: Str. Castle, Mr. Chigirin, Cherkassy region
GPS coordinates: 49°4’45”N 32°39’22”E
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