Castle Hill. Chyhyryn

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Life, Liberty, Independence – the most precious treasure for man.
Ages claimed for the thousands of brave heroes that once fought fearlessly for the right to live on their land.
This war is for “Life, Liberty, Independence” continues alas now.

Castle Hill – a special place on the map of Ukraine.
Here, on a small home Ukrainian Hetman, is in the spirit of daring and freedom-loving Cossacks.
It is here that many times were fighting the Cossacks under the control of Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky.
Often referred to as the Castle hill More and Bogdanova, in honor of the Ukrainian hetman and military commander.

Difficult test of time, the castle could not resist, unfortunately it has not survived.
However, thanks to the joint efforts of the Ukrainian patriots, managed to save a piece of
our history.
Today, the pearl of the city Chigirin “Castle Hill” is a part of the National “Chigirin” Historical and Cultural Reserve.
Neat mountain with avenues, bastion, sculptures, monuments warmly welcomes tourists from all over the world.


On Chigirinskaya Mount Bogdan Khmelnitsky beat surrounded by one hundred thousandth army of the enemy.
Cossacks valiantly kept the defense, but was not drinking Vod.
From thirst, the animals died first, and then from impotence men fell.
And then a miracle happened!
Between the rocks on the mountain creek broke through drinking water, tire the thirst, the magistrates mercilessly crush the enemy.

Museum B Khmelnitsky ChigirinFatal love B Khmelnitsky
Address: Str. Castle, Mr. Chigirin, Cherkassy region
GPS coordinates: 49°4’45”N 32°39’22”E
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