Buky canyon

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In the vastness of the Cherkasy region, it is a great miracle of nature “buky canyon.”
He is considered one of the most amazing places in Ukraine.
Despite its small size (length of 5 km and a width of 80 meters), the canyon has become a favorite area for tourists.
And no wonder!
River, waterfall, rocks, lush greenery leave a good impression on a weekend.
An ideal destination for couples and climbers.

A small paradise of nature, attracts more and more tourists every year.
And no wonder, canyon landscapes bear a striking resemblance to Switzerland.
Especially in the summer, you can see a lot of foreign visitors who like to
spend their free time in tents among the small Ukrainian Switzerland.
Such popularity canyon outside Ukraine, is proud of our magnificent country.

Originality buky canyon gives Tikich River Mountain.
It is as natural granite sculptor washing over the past two billion years, it has created this
a little piece of paradise.
At the beginning of the canyon welcomes guests magnificent waterfall “Side cut” its height is more than 2 meters.

At one time he was an integral part of the power plant, which currently does not work.
Nearby you can see the ruins of a water mill of the 19th century.
On the opposite side of the mill there are fields where it is permitted to spread a tent and make a fire.

Address: c. Buki, Mankovsky district, Cherkasy region.

GPS coordinates: 49°5’48.81”N, 30°23’47.94”E

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