Blue lake near Kiev

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On a sunny summer day, especially if it is a weekend, you really want to organize outdoor recreation, soak up the beach, swim in the lake, cook a fragrant barbecue and forget about all your worries. After all, our modernity takes so much energy and strength. Accordingly, rest is vital for each of us. Even psychologists recommend changing your usual environment more often, visiting interesting places and, if possible, including travel in your weekend leisure.

Naturally, for the majority, traveling in Ukraine that takes several days or weeks is a luxury. Especially if tomorrow you need to go to work, continue your studies, and so on. Therefore, outdoor recreation outside the city may be the best solution. Moreover, the natural attractions of Ukraine are incredibly diverse, and if we are talking about Kiev, then in terms of green tourism it is even easier. 15 minutes by car from the capital’s border – and you are already on the shores of the magnificent Blue Lake, which is of natural origin, clear turquoise water and sandy shores.

The territory by the lake is divided into two parts – paid and free. If you consider the free option, then you will have at your disposal: a well-groomed recreation area, clean sand and water, a changing room, many suitable places in the shade and in the sun, where to buy cold drinks and a snack. You can go fishing, but the pleasure is paid.

If comfort is very important for you, then the paid and comfortable Lobster beach is at your service. The entry price is relatively low, 50-100 UAH, the exact cost depends on the day of the week. A sunbed is included in the ticket price. The beach area is available to the visitor from 9 am to 9 pm. On site there is a restaurant, bar, hookah bar and water activities.

Author ⁞ Greborich N.I ⁞ 10.10.

Address: s. Pidhirtsi, Obukhovsky district, Kiev region.

GPS coordinates: 50.248547 | 30.561475

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