Arboretum Sofiyivka.Uman

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“Sofiyivka” is considered to be a unique and unique park in Ukraine, where the most courageous and not usual fantasies of the masters of that time were skillfully realized.
Garden and park art is fascinating, the existence of many expositions is difficult to explain in terms of physics. The bizarre shapes of huge boulders, waterfalls, al tanks, sculptures, abundance of vegetation complement each other creating a magnificent paradise garden.

The indescribable beauty of the park is created by the hands of a man and an insanely in love heart.
This amazing and picturesque corner, is a symbol of pure love of two hearts.
Even in the most crucial historical moments, this land, no one dared to raise his hand to destroy the magnificent park.
During the Second World War, the Germans, who practically destroyed everything on their way, were fascinated by the local beauty. During the period of German occupation, the Garden of Eden was not harmed.
It is not the ordinary atmosphere that reigns here, where you score about all your worries while enjoying the magnificent panorama around.
The best place to relax with your soul mate is just not found.

History of the park Sofiyivka:
When the wealthiest and most influential Polish Count Stanislaw Potocki first saw the charming Sofia, who at the time of their meeting was the wife of the commandant of the Kamenets-Podilsky fortress, his heart won forever love.
After some time, the couple legalized their relationship, becoming a husband and wife.
Their history of pure love inspired poets and artists.
Wanting to surprise Soya the second half, he conceives a grandiose gift for the birthday of Sofia, over which thousands of klipaks and the best masters from all over the world worked continuously.
As a result, by 1802 the garden and park masterpiece was completed and presented to Sofia Witte-Potocki as the earl planned. A romantic gift of fairy beauty, I liked very much my young wife. Picturesque rocks, amazing fountains and statues, waterfalls, grotto, amazing nature reminded Sophia of a long-abandoned homeland.

This paradise garden is striking with its unearthly beauty and mysteriousness, centuries later. The main attraction of the city of Uman, is closely connected with the secret order of the Masons about which little is known. Throughout the park there are a lot of signs and symbols, which undoubtedly belong to this society. This and the huge granite stones, columns, pyramids, the main purpose of which no one knows for sure, is a snake with an open pit in the middle of the lake.

Interesting facts about the Sofiyivka Park:
1. At one time in the city of Uman, the imperial school of gardeners was opened, graduates of which created garden and park masterpieces around the world.

2. The arboretum Sofiyivka is under the protection of UNESCO.


Sofievsky Park.UmanArboretum Sofiyivka.Masoni
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The address: Uman, ul. Kyivskaya, 12A, Cherkasy region.

GPS coordinates: 48°45’48”N 30°14’4”E

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