Vyshnevetsky Palace

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In a charming village on Vishnevets Gorin river, is pleased to meet hundreds of tourists, Palais Vyshnevetsky.
In ancient times, this grandiose balls where Sežana know from all over the world.
Walls stronghold remember many historic and tragic events.
It was visited by many famous personalities: Ivan Mazepa, King of Poland, Stanislaw Poniatowski, Taras Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka, Symon Petliura, Michael Kotsyubinsky Peter I.

In the history of the palace through a lot, he was not just destroyed, burned, rebuilt, reconstructed.
Despite severe trials during the First and Second World Wars, Vyshnevetsky heritage has reached our days.
Vyshnevetsky noble family palace in 1999 received the status of the reserve “Castles of Ternopil”.
Since 2005, thanks to the joint forces of the state and sponsors, held here the restoration of the palace.
The restored rooms you can see a small exhibition, a walk in the park, which is growing 300-year-old beech, which is one of the legends grants wishes.

Palace History Vyshnevetsky Palace History Vyshnevetsky

Interesting Facts:
1. In 1742 in the village of Vishnevets first pharmacy on the ground Ukrainian beat open.
2. The Church of the Ascension took wedding Dmitry (he was the son of Ivan the Terrible) Marina Mniszek, the daughter of an influential Polish magistrates that time Yuri Mnishek.
Of the church was the burial place of the generic kind Vyshnevetsky.
3. In the church of St Michael’s remains be dropped all Vyshnevetsky Roman Catholic doors.
4. In 1651 the Tatars beat the captured hetman B. Khmelnitsky, holding him to ransom Vishnevetskaya castle.

Address: town. Vishnevets Str. Castle 5, Ternopil region.

GPS coordinates: 49°53’56.76”N, 25°44’20.4”E

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