The cave Mlynky

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You are attracted, like a magnet, by the unknown and mystery of the underworld, then an excursion to the cave of Mlinka will be a great solution for extreme relaxation.
Immersion in the dungeon will allow a different look at the nature around us, its grandeur and beauty. The fairy kingdom of crystals of various sizes and colors will win your heart forever! Such beauty cannot be forgotten or described in words.
Therefore, according to popular wisdom, “It is better to see once than hear a hundred times.”

At one time, the cave was the monolithic bottom of the Sarmatian Sea, its waters gradually washed away naturally the formation of cracks in the rock.
Such a lengthy process has contributed to the creation of numerous passages and galleries.
In fact, global climate change, the water has departed, leaving an unexplored underground beauty that attracts professional and novice cavers all over the world.
Enjoy the incredible sparkle of crystals, wander through narrow passages and grottoes, breathe in clean and very useful air, experience extreme sensations, discover something new for yourself, plenty of people who want to.

What you should know about Mlynky cave

The general public about the existence of the Mlynky cave became known relatively recently, in 1960.
Studies have shown that the base of the cave is gypsum rock.
The length of the dungeon reaches almost 35 kilometers, but these statistics change every year as there are active excavations and studies of its open spaces.
Today there are a lot of tourist routes in the cave, each meticulously studied and mapped. The height of the grottoes balances between 0.5 and 20 meters.
Most of the moves are quite narrow, so you need to wear special clothes and all the necessary equipment before diving into the cave.
I would like to note that the air here is very clean and useful for humans.
At almost 100% humidity, the temperature regime does not exceed 12 ° C.
The walls of almost all the galleries of the dungeon are densely covered with amazingly beautiful gypsum crystals. Their color abundance is bewitching!

Travel Tips

If you plan to visit the Mlynky cave, then you should know that you can spend the night in a speleohat. In a fairly comfortable house, you will be provided with decent living conditions, food, equipment and an excursion.

It is important to note that an excursion to the cave is possible in a tourist group of 4-6 people.

An excursion to the Mlynky cave must be ordered in advance at least 5 days in advance.

Photo Gallery of Mlynky Cave

Address: p. Zalesye, Chertkovsky district, Ternopil region.

GPS coordinates: 48°57’19”N 25°52’41”E  

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