Aktovsky Canyon

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To enjoy a wonderful and unique natural miracle, go to the Nikolaev area. Near the city of Voznesensk stretched the vast expanses of the natural national park “Bug Guard”. It is huge, almost 70 kilometers.
It took almost three billion years for nature to create a unique landscape.

A natural phenomenon that has no analogues in Europe fascinates with its beauty, therefore it is absolutely not surprising that in 2008 the local area was called “the most beautiful” during the All-Ukrainian competition “7 Wonders of Ukraine”.
To get from the city house and noise into the realm of green nature is already a vacation.
And here, the mirrors of small lakes, pines, maples, oaks, nuts and thousands of tree species, clean air and sky – everything is different, not like in our gray everyday life.
But, the main purpose of traveling to this land is to see what the people call the “Devil’s Valley”, “Lesser Crimea” or the Great Crimean Canyon.

Mystical Canyon Story

The mystical reputation of the canyon is created by the fact that in these places rituals were performed not only by ancient tribes, but also by Scythians.

Modern local historians and historians suggest that the theory of the burial of Scythian kings in the vast canyon has a right to exist, although there is no reliable data on this.
But as for me, the story reflected in legends and myths can be a reality.
Indeed, there have already been cases when a beautiful legend, passed down from generation to generation, confirmed its reliability. Take, for example, the stories about the underground passage connecting the Khotyn fortress and the Kamenetz-Podolsky castle, which for centuries have been considered a fiction of the people. But, the legend became a reality during excavations on the territory of the “Old Castle”.

Naturally, the mystical halo of the canyon can be treated differently, to believe or not is everyone’s business. But, many tourists feel a very strong energy, being here.
If you want to test your feelings, refute or confirm the place of power in Ukraine, then this attraction of the Nikolaev region is for you.

Aktovsky Canyon, today

Actovsky Canyon is part of the Bug Garde landscape park. It is located near the Deadwater River near the village of Aktovo, which is territorially related to the Voznesensky district. Its depth balances from 15 to 70 meters. It is characterized as a complex of forest and aquatic natural ecosystems. A feature of the canyon is its 50-meter-high cliffs and granite boulders that attract climbers and climbers.

It is pleasantly surprising not only the unique natural beauty, but also the cleanliness of this place.
Sometimes, looking around, one gets the impression that a person has not yet set foot here and you feel like a discoverer. The majestic cliffs, the noise of the Deadwater River and the cries of birds coming from far away are all like thousands of years ago.

Every year, the flow of tourists to the canyon significantly increases. As a rule, supporters of eco-tourism, rock-climbing enthusiasts and those who are looking for a place for landscape photography most often come here. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this popular tourist destination of Ukraine and that category of vacationers who have planned a summer vacation at sea on the Kherson beaches. Heading to the resorts of the Kherson region by their own transport, through the city of Voznesensk, the Aktovsky canyon, for the most part, is included in the tourist route. After all, it’s great when along the way there is an opportunity to visit interesting places in the Nikolaev region, especially if it is family travel.

Note for tourists

Our modernity is very tiring, so more and more often there is a need for a calm and measured rest. Accordingly, the natural attractions of Ukraine and green tourism are relevant as never before. After all, where, if not in nature, you can gather your thoughts and retire from everyday fuss. Given the needs of vacationers, it is quite natural that many travel agencies increasingly offer their customers interesting tours of Ukraine.
For many who prefer to choose the route for their planned vacation on their own, it is important to find a good site for tourists, where information on festivals, popular sights of Ukraine, resorts on the Black Sea, auto routes and much more is provided in an accessible form. Therefore, any note for a tourist is very relevant.

If you are planning your vacation, it doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or a two-day weekend, Aktovsky Canyon will be a great option for your pastime. It is important to note that there are no annoying merchants, souvenir shops, noisy restaurants or tourist attractions, only nature. Accordingly, you should stock up with drinking water and sandwiches.

Regarding the nearby attractions, you can pay attention to Radon Lake, Migia. It is located relatively not far, 10 km from Pervomaisk or 70 kilometers from the canyon. The place is very interesting, the lake has an observation deck, cozy gazebos, benches, parking and a working troll. Here you can spend the night in a tent, swim in the lake, ride horses, go climbing. In general, a good continuation of your outdoor recreation.

Address: ur Aktovsky Canyon, s. Aktovo, Voznesensky district, Nikolaev region

GPS coordinates: 47°42’43”N 31°27’56”E

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