Make a fire without matches

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Rest in the forest, recently gaining popularity, and for good reason.
It is economical, fun, interesting, but at the same time extremely.
A good option to retire in the wilderness, away from the noisy city, everyday worries.
When deciding to spend their free time in the woods, you should carefully prepare.
But not always possible to think through every detail, even experienced hikers.
Each can happen to force majeure situation!

It is no secret that the most important thing in a forest fire.
So, what do you do if there is nothing to finish it?
The reasons are many: score, lost, wet matches or a lighter.
Output is always there!
There are several ways to start a fire with the available tools.

Method №1

Make a fire without matchesYou will need a tablet, a tinder, the rod can be of willow, poplar and aspen.
First you need to prepare tinder fit everything ignites well (paper or dere. Chips).
Cut to a board recess and insert to pivot, rotate the palms bistro.
Due to the frictional force, will create the right amount of energy, which is enough for a spark.
In fact tinder coals will perform the function, and you are using it successfully for a campfire.


Method №2

The main drawback of this method, it can be applied only in sunny weather.
We need a flashlight, or rather its reflector.
Reflector – a surface that serves to scatter light.
The flashlight reflector diffuses the light, and if it is to deploy and direct to the sun, it will perform
inverse function (gather salts. energy).
We place a reflector on paper or dere. chip and sends it to the sun.
We are waiting for the appearance of fire!
Ideally, you can use a magnifying glass.

Make a fire without matches   Make a fire without matches


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