How to remove the tick yourself?

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As a rule, tick bite, we did not immediately notice.
The reason is simple, the insect enters the bite of pain medication.
Therefore, we do not feel anything.
Once the insect is found, it must be very carefully processed to extract a wound
iodine antiseptic or love.

There are several ways to remove the tick yourself:
Method №1
Anoint the outer part of the insect sunflower oil or kerosene.
After a few minutes he will come out.
Method №2
Using tweezers or forceps, very carefully unscrew the insect.
Method №3
Take the thread, make a loop throw on the tick, gently tension band.
Then, carefully unscrew the tick in a circular motion, keeping the tips of the thread.
The application of this method, be very careful not to tear the abdomen of an insect.

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