How to remove redness after sunburn?

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Summer is a magnificent time of the year, when you can have a wonderful rest on the seashore or lake, and soak up the white beaches. Wonderful weather, the beach, the sea, a great mood that would seem like no one and something can not spoil us. Sometimes we do not immediately notice that we received a severe sunburn, which in turn is accompanied by unpleasant and painful sensations. At such times, each of us thinks about how quickly to remove the terrible redness after sunburn? Someone uses a proven grandmother’s recipe, and some prefer modern tools that can be bought at any pharmacy. And so, let’s look at some popular ways how to bistro to remove red after sunburn.

1. Aloe – this is a unique and very useful plant in medicine without which you can not do without, especially in cosmetology. Aloe juice will help you bistro to remove redness from sunburn.

2. Redness of the tan can be removed by mask or compress. There are a lot of recipes for masks and compresses. You can take advantage of a wonderful compress based on green tea and aloe juice. In this case, you need to moisten the gauze in this liquid and for 15 minutes, attach it to the problem area of the skin. If you consider the options for removing reddening ambassadors of sunburn with a mask, you can use a cucumber or a potato mask. The recipe for cooking the mask is very simple, fresh vegetables should be grated on a fine grater and applied to the skin.

3. Who does not trust the folk remedies for removing the redness of the ambassadors of sunburn, can acquire any ointment or cream in the nearest pharmacy. In this case, I will not advise the remedy, so many people suffer from allergies.

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