Lviv Coffee Festival

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Lviv – a wonderful and fabulous city in western Ukraine.
It is very comfortable and so quiet!
Walking around the city you score about all the troubles and everyday routine, enjoying the coffee flavor of the city.
It often hosts various festivals supporting the old and new traditions.

For the tenth year, each fall on September 22-25, the townspeople organize holiday “On coffee to Lviv” in honor of their beloved black beverage.
Traditionally, at the end of the festival, residents and visitors choose the best Lviv café.
This is the only festival in Ukraine!

During the festival, everyone can take part in the coffee tour.
Guests of the city, Lviv, as well as the King and Queen of the festival will visit all
institutions participating in the festival, to determine the best coffeehouse city.

The program of the festival “On coffee to Lviv”, can be found on the official website Lviv Coffee Festival


The history of coffee in Lviv dates back to the 18th century.
In 1802 the famous confectioner Jacob Levakovsky opened the first coffee house in the city.
He filed a coffee with his signature cake that is so fond of Lviv sweet tooth.
Since then, aromatic coffee became a drink of the townspeople.
It took a lot of time, and the coffee craze Lviv has not disappeared, that love to drink coffee making Lvov Ukrainian capital.

Interesting facts about coffee:

1. Coffee Tree lives of 60-70 years.
2. Coffee “American” appeared during the Second World War.
3. Most of all coffee consumed in Finland (5 cups of coffee per person).
4. Coffee, more than 700 years.
5. A cup of black coffee without sugar 0 calories.

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