Residence of St. Nicholas

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In 2004, the National Park Hutsulshchina officially opened a tourist complex, the “Residence of St. Nicholas”. Since that time, here every year on December 19, there is a fairy-tale children’s holiday where young guests of the residence can take part in interesting contests, enjoy a musical and light show, see performances, receive gifts from St. Nicholas.

The residence in which St. Nicholas lives is built of natural wood in the best traditions of Hutsul style. Around the house you will see magnificent wooden sculptures of fairy-tale heroes. Small guests will be able to make their most cherished wishes of a colorful Christmas tree, which will necessarily come true. In the estate there is a room-museum, where all the Christmas toys are stored, and every child can pass a small master class for their making.

We have long grown up, many of us have our own children, who just like we write letters to St. Nicholas, just like the long-awaited gift under the pillow.
Although ask our children are not as modest as in our time, but in spite of difficulties we strive to fulfill their dreams. We are making great efforts to make this day special, fabulous.
There is nothing more precious and beautiful than the smile of our children, the shining eyes, the belief in miracles.

Time flies so fast that we will not have time to look back as they grow up and leave their parents’ house. Unfortunately, even with a great desire, we can not stop or return time, but we are able to make our children’s childhood happier with us.
On the day of St. Nicholas, each parent has the opportunity to visit together with his family a fabulous place, the Residence of St. Nicholas.
Believe me, from this visit your children will have the most vivid memories for life.
After all, a real fairy tale can not be scored.

Visiting the residence of St. Nicholas you can not only please your family, but also take part in the social project “Healthy humanity”.
Thanks to which there is a fundraising for children suffering for cancer and AIDS.

Information for travelers:
The schedule of the manor is from 9.00 to 17.00 every day.
Excursion for a child – 5 UAH, for adults -10 UAH
Teachers and residents of the Kosiv district are free.

Address of the residence of St. Nicholas: Ivano – Frankivsk region, Kosiv district, with Pistyn.
GPS coordinates: 48 ° 18’4 “N 25 ° 7’48” E.


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