Dolphinarium “Oscar” in Truskavets

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Dolphins – the friendliest creature on the planet!
They are like children curious playful and very cute.
It is not surprising that these mammals like crazy kids.
Do not fall in love with the dolphin is simply impossible, they conquered us at first sight.
Meeting with an amazing creation, leaving pleasant memories for a lifetime.

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that dolphins have
mind and excess capacity.
They can bring a person from severe depression, strengthen the immune system, restore normal brain function, discover hidden talent and a lot more.
Such a positive impact on the human dolphin, has not gone unnoticed in medicine.

Today the dolphin is very popular all over the world.
Ukraine is no exception, in the vastness of our country there are many dolphinariums where happy to welcome guests cute, playful with a great sense of humor being.

Dolphinarium “Oscar” in Truskavets is the place where you want to return again and again.
He is considered to be the main attraction of the city and loved the kids area.
In a cozy, charming, and most importantly environmentally friendly town, you can perfectly relax and get healthier.
Truskavets is the best and the only recreational region in western Ukraine.
Nature itself has created a paradise on earth, which must visit each.
Here are 25 you Bole mineral springs, deposits of “mountain wax” and salt.

Website dolphinarium “Oscar”

Dolphins – intelligent creatures

Location: Lviv region, Truskavets, st. Mound 18.

GPS coordinates: 49°16′42″N, 23°30′22″E 

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