A source in Transcarpathia, which returns people’s eyesight

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About the healing properties of natural sources of mankind for a long time known.
Miracles associated with water are mentioned in legends, bibles and religious rites.
On the territory of Ukraine there are more than enough reservoirs with unique properties.
Many are very popular, others, little-known.
So, a little-known miracle of nature that deserves attention lurks among the picturesque mountains of the Ukrainian Carpathians in the expanses of Transcarpathia.
What is special about it, you ask?
According to local residents and old-timers of the local region, the water at the source is not only crystal clear, it returns people’s eyesight.
Therefore, if you need help, but do not particularly believe in the power of the source, you should be here, perhaps your opinion will change.
After all, many miracle water really helped to improve their health and recover from burns.

Today, local residents are planning to erect a small chapel on the site of the source and lay a tourist route for pilgrims.
Especially since getting here is completely easy.
Healing source makes its way to the surface at the side of the road in Perechin.
From Uzhgorod is only 21 km.

Route Uzhgorod-Perechin

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